Here is a diary of how my custom Xenosaga KOS-MOS Dollfie Dream came into being. She was a collaboration of Machiko (my sister), Kevin (my hubby) and myself that spanned about 15 months on and off.

Part 1: Introduction, Head & Wig, Faceup, Body Image
Part 2: Head Gear, Boots and Armour
Part 3: Bodysuit
Part 4: Weapon
Part 5: Photo Gallery
– ♥ Archangeli

KOS-MOS Customd Dollfie Dream

5 thoughts on “KOS-MOS

  1. Wow a lot of armor. Lol!!!! She is is ready to battle. I wonder if she is battling for the last cheese burgers!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad to see someone love Kosmos as much as me. She was the one that got me into DD after her pre-order appeared.

    • I’m glad to hear that! The KOS-MOS DD is quite well done ^__^”

      We’re proud to have her in our KOS-MOS showcase wearing her full armour and her battling guns, but I also bought a second one so that I could play with her 🙂

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