Here are few instructional posts that I’ve made. I hope you find them useful!

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Doll Related:

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Figure Related:

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Figure Related:

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7 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. You know a lot about dollfie dream dolls. I guess you love them. They are pretty dolls, but the are too expensive for me so I am getting a sq labs doll. They look the same but cheaper.

      • What do you mean? Generally resin is known to yellow more obviously than vinyl.

        Different factors play a role too – what kind of resin (Dolls made of French resin are known to yellow as quickly as 6 months out of box!), the quality of the resin used, how the doll is stored/ displayed, etc.

    • They are made of resin because of the handmade thing is easier.
      They are handmade not Manufactured. They hand paint the heads like dollfie dream but they hand assemble it too. I don’t know if dollfie dream does too, but I like the face up on sq labs better because it looks more expensive, not cheap looking. I am not saying dollfie dream face ups are cheap looking but I am saying they look more faded than sq labs dolls in my opinion. Others like dollfie dream and some others like sq labs more, it is your option to like the one you like. I see on YouTube some kids own sq labs dolls
      so i am not the only one with good taste. I do like DD more than Barbies.
      My little sister loves barbie, but I think she is is so ugly……..

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