A Touch of Modesty! ^__~” (NSFW)

I love the curvaceous look of the large bust and shapely L-bust on Dollfie Dreams, but one of the things that irks me is the extremely obvious nipples that can poke through most outfits! Call it a crazy girl thing, but I wouldn’t walk out with my headlights on full bright so it’s not a look I care for on my dolls either!

I’ve been meaning to try sanding down the nipples on a bust piece for a while, and got around to trying it today. I’ve added the NSFW tag because there are naked doll busts 😛

So here are a couple of busts that I have laying around that I wanted to experiment with. On the left is a DDdy3 normal bust, and on the right is a DD2 L-bust. Upon inspecting the inside of the busts I noticed that the nipples are not hollow, so I could get away with some sanding without damaging the bust piece.

Sanding DD Bust Nipples
Since I have several L-busts I decided to work with that one first, just in case anything went wrong o_0″

I’m using my nail-art rotary tool (since it’s what I have!) for sanding, but any rotary tool with an adjustable speed would work. Of course, sanding by hand is also an option! I also brought out my dust-eater fan since I didn’t want to be inhaling vinyl dust, and I wore a mask for this process. Here I’ve sanded off the point of the nipple –
Sanding DD Bust Nipples

Working slowly here I’ve sanded off most of the nipple. At first I thought I would just remove the pointy bit, but then it looked like there was a giant mosquito bite or welt on the breast! Yikes! So I kept sanding to smooth that out- lol!
Sanding DD Bust Nipples

To restore the smooth finish to the vinyl, I sanded the bust using some super fine sandpaper. It looks a bit gross because I re-used some leftover pieces from hubby’s KOS-MOS sword project. The coarser (darker) sandpaper is 1500 grit and the super-fine is 2000 grit.
Sanding DD Bust Nipples

Just so you can see how prominent the nipples are – here’s a profile shot!
Sanding DD Bust Nipples

And the top view (excuse my messy workspace!) after sanding –
Sanding DD Bust Nipples

Next I repeated the same process on the other nipple.
Sanding DD Bust Nipples

Now to see how the bust looks with clothes on – because that’s the whole point of this venture! ^__^”
This style of tank top that Sakura was modelling yesterday is nice and stretchy, but even with her modest M-bust her nipples were showing through –
Sakura Matou eye change

Here’s Sidonie modelling the same top in a different colour. See how nicely it clings to her curvy body? And no pointy nipples!
Sidonie and Richard

Sidonie and Richard

It’s a matter of personal taste how much of the nipple that you want to sand off. I don’t mind having the nipples on a few of my bust pieces, but for some outfits I’d like to have a smoother fit so I may modify a couple more L-busts and even an M-bust. Work slowly and with care, but don’t worry that you’ll be left with a hole where the nipple once was!
You’d have to get very carried away for that to happen! Haha!

Update: February 21, 2013

I sanded the nipples on a M-bust and a DDdy bust today. It was the same process but I found that the M-bust took a bit more time because I had to slightly re-shape the bust to make it rounder. The bust had a weird triangular shape to it after I removed the nipple 0__0″

It was worth the extra work though – now Rin doesn’t look “cold” wearing this top! ^__~” and it’s a big improvement in the DDdy bust too!

– ♥ Archangeli

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