Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – February 16, 2013

Oh my goodness time flies! I’ve been meaning to post about our last Toronto meet ages ago, but time just got away from me! A few weeks ago many of the Toronto-area Dollfie Dream owners got together at Go For Tea in Markham. This was our largest meetup to date (with 20 attendees!) but luckily they have a very big party room off to the side that was able to accommodate our large group! Here are some of the beautiful dolls in attendance –

Group shot
Back row: Juu-Yuki’s Kirito & Asuna, PlasticFantastic’s Juno, my Rin Tohsaka, Annalise & Serena, and Meo’s Tamaki.
Middle row: PlasticFantastic’s Maya, Tanu-chan’s Kairi, AgentPanda’s Penny, my Médée, Meo’s Misuzu and Lillia
Front row: nkei’s Charlotte & Kokoro, AgentPanda’s Dotty, my newly arrived Mayuyu (custom HDD-06 painted by Machiko), PlasticFantastic’s Yuki, di-chan123’s Sia, MrCool’s Yukino and centurystory’s Primula

And hiding behind all the big dolls there was a little resin BJD picnic! So much cuteness!
The little resin kids hiding behind the big dolls 0_0"
whitefrosty’s Mishka and Yukio, Machiko’s Delilah & Sora and Tallenvyaere’s little resin dolly

I brought several of my girls with me on this outing since we carpooled up there and I didn’t have to deal with the subway! Here’s Rin looking very sweet. She found a cookie!

It seems that Rin doesn’t go anywhere without Annalise close behind!

I brought Serena with me, and here she is with Meo’s Tamaki, both in their lovely wa-loli dresses!

Juu-Yuki brought her newly arrived DD Yuki Morikawa, who shall be her custom Asuna doll; and she’s accompanied by handsome Kirito. Look closely – that’s a repainted Saber Lily head.
juu-yuki's Kirito and Asuna

Here’s AgentPanda’s cute little girl Dot riding an alpaca!
Dot riding an alpaca!

Meo brought pretty Misuzu out again. I haven’t seen her in a while!

He also brought his Black Raven Lillia, who is spreading lots of Valentine’s Day love with Misuzu and Primula –

So much love!!

Whitefrosty brought a couple of her boys with her. Here’s Mishka – it was nice to see him again since he doesn’t come to meets very often!
whitefrosty's Mishka

She also brought Yukio (Volks YoSD Puff) who is on a romantic little date with Machiko’s Delilah! Both of their outfits are so adorable!
Yukio & Delilah on a little date ^_^

CenturyStory brought the ever-stylish Primula and took some very gorgeous photos of her.
CenturyStory's Primula

Nkei’s new custom girl, painted by Hikaru132, Charlotte the Candy Witch (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

Charlotte liked cuddling with PlasticFantastic’s Yuki-kuma!

Here are a couple of the little girls hanging out: Tanu-chan’s Kairi and PlasticFantastic’s Maya. Aren’t they sweet!

Kairi found some pretty flowers –

Since the restaurant was very quiet, we were able to use the space and take some great photos. Here’s one of my favourites from the afternoon –
We have PlasticFantastic’s Juno, MrCool’s Yukino, nkei’s Kokoro, centurystory’s Primula, di-chan123’s Sia, and my Annalise and Rin.

And Juu-Yuki’s Kirito and Asuna pair being adorable –

Here’s little Maya with Serena, both being sweet –

She managed to talk Serena into an outfit change. So here they are, joined by Kokoro and my little Médée showing their appreciation for the Volks Strawberry Milk Heart outfit set!

These little ones got into some mischief and Kokoro had to get them back in line, but with that pouty face it’s hard to take her seriously!

Yup… obviously Maya is taking Kokoro very seriously – LOL

But it appears that AgentPanda’s Penny and Tanu’s Kairi were very well-behaved and listening to Charlotte tell them stories.

Now it’s time for some obligatory food photos!

This is the Beef in Paper Hot Pot (or something along that lines) – it’s a paper bowl over a burner and you cook the meat in the broth. It’s really delicious!
Beef hot pot

Unagi-don and a minced pork & noodles dish
Unagi-don and minced pork on noodles

Popcorn chicken! A bit salty but so tasty!!
Popcorn chicken!
Here’s the mango cheesecake –
Mango Cheesecake

This was a beef vermicelli dish, but the stars at Go For Tea have to be their epic drinks. Look at the size of the Mango-Mango!
Mango-mango slush and beef noodles

And this mixed fruit tea!
Mixed fruit tea

This was the very rich blueberry cheesecake –
At first I scoffed at the tiny portion size, but this cake was very rich. Any more and it would have been like I ate a brick!

We had a very relaxed afternoon, and the staff were very cool about letting us just hang-out and take pictures. I wish this restaurant was more friendly for public transport, but it made for a great venue for such a big group to meet. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get these pictures posted! I promise not to be so tardy with the March meet-up photos! >__<"

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Kuma Karate Kick!

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