Mini Dollfie Dream meetup in London – March 3, 2013

Earlier this month I made a quick visit to London and was able to meet up with some awesome DD owner friends from across the pond. I met up with GabrielVH, Jezatron and Pink_Blaise for a day of eating, chatting and goofing around and it was a wonderful way to spend the day!

March 3rd Dinners-1
Nana, Kimiko and Kanu say “Hi!”
Photo by: GabrielVH

I met up with Pink_Blaise in the afternoon and we enjoyed tea, pastries and macarons on the sunny patio of the Ladurée tearoom in Covent Garden. It was still a bit chilly but sunny days in London are such a rare treat! I hadn’t seen Pink_Blaise since last November so it was great to be able to catch up on exciting news going on in her life! ^__^”
Afternoon Tea and Desserts at Ladurée with Pink_Blaise
We had the St Honoré Rose Framboise Pastry, Cassis-Violet Religieuse pastry and a trio of macarons (salted caramel, violet marshmallow and green apple). Delicious!

There was even a little rainbow on our macaron plate! ^__^”
St. Honore Rose Framboise pastry and macarons (green apple, salted caramel and violet marshmallow)

After tea, we walked to Soho to meet up with Jezatron and GabrielVH at a little place called MADD (short for Mango Addiction) where they serve delicious smoothies and desserts with mango as their main focus! I had the MADD signature smoothie and it was delicious! I was looking for any place where we could sit and relax for a bit, and MADD was a nice, relaxing place in the midst of the all the hustle and bustle of Soho.

GabrielVH brought cute little Yui out, since I said that she didn’t come out to doll meets nearly enough! I love her stylish outfit!
March 3rd Dinners-7
Photo by: GabrielVH

This is Jezatron’s newest girl, Melty. She is much prettier in person than I expected – the details on her face, eyes and her elf-ears are much more subtle.
March 3rd Dinners-5
Photo by: GabrielVH

Depending on the angle you look at her, I think Melty’s mouth can look a bit stern but the sculpt of her face is very soft and pretty.

Jezatron somehow managed to sneak Kanu along in his doll carrier too!
March 3rd Dinners-9
Photo by: GabrielVH

Pink_Blaise brought Kimiko, her pre-painted 06 head, and she looked so pretty. I love the 06 head – I’ve never seen one that I dislike! ^__^”
March 3rd Dinners-11
Photo by: GabrielVH

Everyone was famished since none of us had eaten a proper lunch, so we decided to head out for dinner. Sadly the Korean place I wanted to go to was closed (Nyooo!) so we went out for Pho in Soho as a backup. It was tasty and comforting since Gabe and I were a little bit under the weather, but we were still hungry afterwards!! So, since the night was still early, we popped over to Wagamama for “Second Dinner!” This was much more relaxed and since the restaurant wasn’t as busy and noisy we were able to have much better conversation.
2nd dinner at Wagamama :P

I had a great time hanging out with you all! I wish all my layovers were this much fun! I can’t wait until my next time in London!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra) –

Jezatron modelling Melty’s hat! LOL


Shiny ponies! (A gift for Jezatron from AlphaZ)

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