A new blog takes form.

So I’ve decided to set up a new blog for my dolls, and a bit about my life that isn’t too personal.

My name is Archangeli, at least I’ve been going by that online name for over a decade, so it’s a name I’m comfortable with. If you prefer a “real world” name you can call me Patty. I’ll respond to both. ^__^”

Other than myself, people you’ll hear me refer to every now and again are:

Kev – my hubby and partner-in-collecting. He’s just as much a figure-holic and doll lover as I am.
Machiko – my sister who sparked my curiosity into BJD collecting when she bought a Volks MSD kit in Tokyo about 5-6 yrs ago.
whitefrosty (Alice) – Machiko’s doll addicted friend
Bubba & Charlie – my adorable cats

I used to have a personal blog that I updated my personal events and travels but I was getting weird traffic, so this will be a less intrusive version.

More to come soon…

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