Anime North 2011

Most of the month of May has already passed and I spent a good chunk of it on vacation! I went on a cruise again and then had to switch back into high gear to go to work for a couple of days and get packed for my biggest event in May – AN!

I spent the weekend at Anime North. I’ve been attending in some capacity since 2003 but for the past couple of years I’ve been a staff member. I’m the hostess and informal photographer at Café Delish, the charity Maid Café. I also did double duty this weekend by helping my friend Amanda watch over Machiko’s table in the Crafter’s Corner.
Here’s Delilah watching over Machiko’s plushies and other stuff as Kev and I set up her table (she was involved in the Opening Ceremonies and had to high-tail it over to the hotel!).

Since I’m a “behind the scenes” person there aren’t many photos of me during the Café so here’s one of the staff pics from 2010 we took after all the Goshujinsama and Ojousama have left and a photo right before one of our seatings this year.

(Café Delish 2010)

(Café Delish 2011)

The Café takes up pretty much our entire Saturday so the core staff usually go out for dinner and drinks afterwards. This year we went to Moxies in the Sandmand Signature hotel and since it’s further from the convention hotels it was pretty quiet (meaning we were able to get a table instead of waiting 2 hrs!)

On Sunday whitefrosty and Machiko’s dolls hung out at their tables in the Crafter’s Corner 🙂 Here are Delilah, Zephyria, Ventus, Mishka and Myles.

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