Bedtime with Saber Lily

Recently got several online orders of doll stuff, but the loveliest by far was this lingerie set from CoolCat. It’s extremely well made and very detailed. I couldn’t wait to put it on Saber Lily and see how it looked.
(I’m also testing out the “photo tent” that my friend gave me, so I’m still fiddling with what lighting works best. I soon realized that the tent is a bit small for my daughters so I’ll probably only use it for my figures. Bear with me >__<“)

I recently found some mini “spin pins” by Goody that are amazing for keeping long wigs in elegant buns but are very easy to put in and take out without damaging or tangling delicate wig fibres. I actually use the full sized ones for my own hair and really like them – I’m always looking for widgets & gadgets for my hair and it’s nice when I can share them with my daughters too! ^__~”

Well Saber Lily, dear, let’s take some beautiful photos that will make the boys have severe nosebleeds!

There’s something so very sexy about thigh-high stockings, garters and a pair of killer high-heels, isn’t there?

But Lily is not about to go to sleep with her long hair wrapped in a bun, so she’s going to let her hair down.

That’s much more relaxed and comfortable, isn’t it darling?

She’s all stretched out and she’s taken off her little skirt too.

Would you like to join her?

Sweet dreams!


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