Nine9Style Review

Just a quick midweek update.

I took a moment to re-dress my girls last night in anticipation of a box opening that will be happening soon. Yes, that’s right I’ll be welcoming home another daughter in the next few days. She’s already in transit but every time I check her tracking number it says she’s still “enroute to Canada” so I just have to wait it out. Have I mentioned that I’m horribly impatient?! This is why I give myself little “make-work” projects to keep me occupied or else I go bonkers.

So last night I re-dressed Airy and Alisanne in a black & white scheme. Airy is wearing pieces from the Volks Gothic Striped Jacket set again but I really like that set. The corset top is pinned at the back because it’s much too big for her M-bust but it still looks very good.

Alisanne is wearing a SD13-sized dress from Nine9style that I wasn’t sure would fit her SD16 body but with a bit of careful maneuvering over her shoulders I got it on her! It actually fits her quite nicely since the shoulder straps are adjustable. You can’t see the bottom but I have black leggings on her lower half and some strappy black sandals. I ordered a huge batch of stuff from Nine9style last month and I’m really impressed with the quality of their stuff. Kev had one of our DD girls wearing a black cotton t-shirt for 3 days and it didn’t stain (thank goodness!) although I’ve taken most of their red “Nine*style” labesl out from the insides just to be safe. The long-sleeved cotton shirt stained quite badly though – it left dye stains just from being put on.

For their clothes, I bought everything in SD13 size and it fits my DD girls quite well. Obviously it fits the larger busts a bit better since they have a bit more to “fill out” the tops. The t-shirts are a bit loose around the waist so I sometimes pin them at the back to get a better fit, or tuck them into a skirt. Their flat shoes are a little bit big on DD bare feet, although wearing stockings helps, but I adore their little ankle bootees!

Hopefully I’ll get around to taking more pics of my Nine9Style goodies soon!

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