Fashion Friday with Saber Lily

It’s a bit of a gloomy, rainy day today so I couldn’t take my girls out for a nice outdoor shoot, but that didn’t stop me from taking some lovely pictures of a few of the girls in their new clothes from Nine9style – a Korean company that makes doll clothes and accessories. I really like the casual doll clothing that Nine9style makes and most of the items that they make for SD13 dolls fit Dollfie Dreams very nicely. The pieces come with red labels inside that I’ve carefully cut out because they look like they’d stain my dolls.

Here’s Saber Lily showing off the “Mink Ball Knitwear & One-Piece” outfit. It comes with a long caminsole-stype dress with tulle on the bottom, this cute knitted sweater and a little black puff brooch. The shoulder straps  on the dress are not adjustable, but it fits the L-bust  very nicely. I’ve had this outfit on Lily for 3 days and there’s been no sign of staining.

I completed the outfit with Pearl Black pantyhose (also from Nine9style) and some black patent Mary-Jane shoes from Luts. They stockings have silver threads in them to give them a really pretty glittery shine to them. Be careful putting them on if you have dry hands as they can snag and be ruined. Since I’m paranoid about staining I put these on over the Volks nude bodystocking. The shoes can be a bit finnicky since they use a functioning buckle, but the advantage to that is that they are adjustable and will fit my SD16 doll as well as DD’s wearing 2 layers of stockings! I guess I’ve just been spoiled by the clever slide-in buckles that Volks puts on their shoes. You can see how these shoes fit without stockings on Aerie in this post if you want to compare.

Aerie was a bit shy modelling this outfit so Saber Lily had to coax her a bit. Doesn’t she look sassy in this outfit? It’s the Rabbit Fur Long Vest over a long-sleeved T-shirt. The necklace is part of the 2-way Black Rose Necklace. I own a couple other short-sleeved cotton t-shirts from Nine9style (black and ivory) and had no issues with stains however this long-sleeved one left some awful marks on Aerie’s arms. Her body was saved by the fact that I had a bodystocking on her but wash this one before putting it on your girls! I noticed it leaving funny marks on her neck and wrists as I was putting it on, so I should have known better…

Aerie’s wearing pantyhose in Sky Grey and a pair of awesome black ankle boots to finish off the look.

My beautiful Alisanne has been wearing some Nine9style stuff for quite some time. This pretty dress has adjustable straps so it fits her SD16 body quite well. The flower on the dress is a brooch so it can be removed and placed wherever you like it. For whatever reason I could never get this dress to sit “right” on my DD girls, on either the M or L bust which is how it ended up on Alisanne. She’s got on some black leggings and some strappy sandals from Volks. Her necklace is the other part of the 2-way Black Rose Necklace, but her headband is from her default Daria outfit.

Here are some more shots of Saber Lily looking gorgeous (as usual!).

Thanks for reading! My girls loved showing off their new stuff for you!

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