Moe models the Rusty Tartan Dress Set

Mélisande has been getting lots of attention since she was the only doll I had with me in Tokyo, but when as soon as I got home my other girls were screaming for some camera time and a chance to try on some of the awesome new outfits I brought home for them!

Here’s Moe wearing the newly released Rusty Tartan Set that was part of the Dollfie Dream Gathering last weekend. This outfit is very well made, with lots of little pieces so you can customize the look of the the outfit  – and the little hat is so cute!

The blouse closes in the front with doll velcro and is long enough to overlap with the skirt & petticoat to make up for the plaid skirt not having a lining. The “necklace” is actually attached to the collar and attaches to a loop of thread sewn on the backside of one collar with a lobster clasp. The red necktie is completely removable. The big bow at the back of the skirt attaches with 2 snaps. There is a short tulle petticoat included to give the white chiffon skirt some extra poof. The white skirt is very pretty and I can already see lots of versatility for it. It’s the same design as the black chiffon skirt that’s part of the “Stylish Tartan Dress Set”. The wrist cuffs on the arm-warmers have snaps on them to make it easier to put them onto the doll, but it’s less fussy to just pull her hands out. I’m not sure they arm warmers will stain, however they appear to be made of a Spandex-type material and in my experience these types of synthetic fabrics are usually safe for short-term wear. I can’t be sure if the stockings will stain or not since they appear to be a stretchy cotton, so I put a bodystocking on Moe just to be safe.

The wig that Moe is wearing is from Mandarake – it’s one of their own line of wigs that’s made of in Korea using heatproof fibres.

Here’s Moe with Mel so you can see a side by side comparison of the outfits – in particular the chiffon skirts.

To give you an idea of what you can do with this outfit, here’s Moe wearing just the blouse, skirt & petticoat and chilling out with her sisters. The outfit looks completely different now, doesn’t  it? ^__^”

The girls got into some of the new stuff – Lily is wearing the adorable Sugar White Lolita dress, Mel is now in the “Reading in the Sun” dress (btw the stockings included in this set are awful! They are thick and snag on everything!) and Aerie is wearing pieces from the Warm Knit Cardigan Set from DP24. I’m loving the Miruya wig that Mel is wearing – the pigtails are attached with clips and can be removed for a completely different look!

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