Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – April 28, 2012

Last weekend a few Dollfie Dream owners got together at Café Princess in Toronto for our monthly meet. Unfortunately a few of our regulars couldn’t make it, but we were glad to welcome some new faces to our merry band of DD parents! Here’s a group shot of all the DD girls –

April DD Meetup

We have Nanoha, Aoife, Rina, Asuka and Rei in the back row; Meo’s Obitsu twins, Ryoko, Delilahm, Médée and Maeve in the middle; Tai,  Lareine and Haruka are sitting in front – with Woody taking a group photo of them!

This was the first time Kevin was able to come to one of our meetups with me, and he was especially excited because he would be able to show off our newest Dollfie Dream – our custom KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.

Meo brought his adorable Obitsu twins with him – aren’t they sweet?
Meo's custom Obitsu twins

junslr’s Ryoko is still visiting T-Rho’s Maeve from California, and here they both are in lovely spring yukata.
junslr's Ryoko and T-Rho's Maeve

Also joining in the yukata party are Asuka, Airi and Rei. Airi is juu-yuki’s custom DD Rina, and PlasticFantastic’s Rei and Asuka are finally reunited after having faceups done by hikaru132!
Asuka, Airi and Rei

This meet also gave me the opportunity to compare DD Haruka’s head to DD Neris since T-Rho’s new girl just arrived, and PlasticFantastic’s Odette’s head was being returned after getting a faceup by juu-yuki! This confirms my original thoughts that their head sculpts are very similar – although Haruka’s cheeks are wider and the bridge of her nose is higher.
Comparing DD Haruka and Neris
Comparing DD Haruka and Neris

And since we’re comparing heads, here’s KOS-MOS with Rei – both of which are HDD-02 heads.
KOS-MOS Custom DD with Rei

Here’s Alex’s Nanoha, with T-Rho’s Fate alongside juu-yuki’s Airi (custom DD Rina).
Nanoha, Aoife and Airi

Even though nkei couldn’t make it because she was working, she sent along her new DD Mariko with CenturyStory to join the other DD girls! She’s sitting at the front next to Machiko’s little resin girls Lareine and Delilah.
nkei's Mariko DD pops in to visit the doll pile!

This is AgentPanda’s custom HDD-06 on a MDD body named Penny. I have a soft spot for MDD’s but this little girl is adorable!
Nanoha, Fate and Penny

Here are the guys (and a couple of girls) huddled around the DD’s with their fancy cameras! *__*
The guys and a couple of girls huddle around the DD's

♦ ♦ ♦

And of course – here are some obligatory photos of our delicious desserts!
Here’s the Red Velvet Cake with a Hazelnut hot chocolate –
Hazlenut hot chocolate, and Red Velvet cake

This is the Chocolate Waffle (although the only chocolate was the ice cream and some chocolate sauce, so the name is a bit deceiving!).
Chocolate Waffle

This fluffy confection is the Princess Waffle – I’ve never seen such a white waffle before! 0__0″
Princess Waffle

It was lovely to hang out with some of our familiar faces, as well as meet some new local DD owners too! I had a great time and hope to see you all next month at Anime North!

If you’re interested in seeing a few more photos from this meetup, you can check them out on my Flick in this album. ^__~”

– ♥ Archangeli

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