Photos from Doll North at Anime North 2012

As promised, here are more photos from Doll North at Anime North last weekend!

PlasticFantastic, myself, T-Rho and Meo were the only ones that had picked up our passes early on Thursday so it was only our Dollfie Dreams at the start – although a few more attendees arrived later on.
Intro to Dollfie Dream Panel

This was the most dolls I’ve ever had out with me at one time and it was quite challenging to transport them all!

Here are Mélisande and Gabrielle while I was still setting everyone up –
Mélisande & Gabrielle

Here’s little Médée looking adorably sweet in her lolita outfit.

Hinata left her usual alpaca plushie at home in favour of this adorable Gloomy Bear. Kevin carried her around with him at Doll North on Saturday, and also in the Dealer’s Room in the early afternoon. She even showed up in the PuriMeido photo booth!
Hinata (my DD Shino)

I also brought KOS-MOS since she was still packed up in her carrier after coming home from Tokyo. You can see her on the table with the other girls here –
Intro to Dollfie Dream Panel

Here’s PlasticFantastic’s Rei with AgentPanda’s MDD custom girl Penny
Rei & Penny

Asuka is looking absolutely adorable here too –
PlasticFantastic's Asuka

And here is Madeleine (Maddy), a custom HDD-06 head.
PlasticFantastic's Madeleine (Maddy), a custom HDD-06

The Anime North mascot character, Momiji, translated beautifully into a custom Dollfie Dream. She is also a custom HDD-06 head. Here she is supervising the paperwork at the Doll North registration desk –
Dollfie Dream of Momiji, Anime North's mascot

This stunning Leeke vampire Khal doll was a donated prize and is absolutely stunning!
Leeke Vampire Khal

We were also really lucky to have Blue Fairy as guests at Doll North. They had their own table showcasing their pretty dolls.
Blue Fairy display at Doll North
Blue Fairy Prize

While I was setting my DD girls up for our panel, my sister took my camera and wandered around taking photos of some of the other dolls in the room.
Resin dolls

Resin dolls

Resin dolls

Resin dolls

Here are all of the Dollfie Dreams that were in attendance by the end of the evening –
Doll North at Anime North 2012

I wasn’t at the meetup on Sunday, but I’ll definitely try to make it for next year!
To see the rest of my photos from Friday evening at Doll North, check out my Flickr album.

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