Aerie & Rin visit Volks USA

Last Saturday morning I met up with fellow Dollfie Dream owners Innocentsaké, her husband David, BerzerkFuryZero, Kenny_Ngyuen and Vicky for breakfast in Torrance, California. I was in Los Angeles for a very short layover, but it was great that everyone was able to make time to come hang out!

Here are InnocentSaké’s Momoko (Volks pre-painted DDH-06), my Aerie, BerzerkFuryZero’s Shino (custom DDH-04) and Kiriha, my Rin and Vicky’s Cirno hanging out at a bus stop in “London” ! ^__^”

Momoko, Aerie, Natsuki,  Kiriha, Rin and Cirno

First things first – fuelling up! We had a gluttonous breakfast at Polly’s Pies, and then went over to the Volks USA showroom. Here’s the obligatory food pic of my breakfast – Cinnamon Roll French Toast with bacon and eggs and strawberry-lemonade!

The Volks store is in a out of the way location, and there is no obvious signage, but once the store is opened there is a pretty “Tenshi-no-Sumika” plaque hanging in the doorway.
Volks USA Tenshi-no-Sumika

Since it wasn’t an event weekend it wasn’t too busy at the store. The showroom is very small compared to the Volks Akihabara location, but i think it is comparable to the Tenshi-no-Sumika location in Shinjuku in terms of size. On the main floor is the “Who’s That Girl” and 27cm Dollfie selection, as well as Volks model kits & supplies, and the doll photospace. I could see into their warehouse space on the main floor where boxes and boxes of dolls were waiting to be inspected and then shipped out to their owners. My SD-Gou Yukinojo was in there somewhere! It’s too bad I couldn’t bring him home, but it would have been to chaotic for the staff. >;__<;”

On the second floor of the showroom is the Super Dollfie and Dollfie Dream related merchandise. The LA showroom also offers the Super Dollfie Full-Choice system so there’s a wall with all of the head models on display so that prospective owners can put together a test version of their doll before completing their order.
Photo from Volks USA Blog.

Photos aren’t allowed in the store, but I snapped on by accident when I was putting my phone away – so here’s what part of the wig wall looks like, and the “new releases” table with some new wigs on it.
Volks USA Full Choice wall

I brought 2 of my Dollfie Dream dolls with me: Aerie, Rin; and also my sister’s yo-SD Sora. Machiko had sent me with a mission to find a new wig for Sora! The staff at the showroom were very nice, and even let me try a couple of wigs on him to see how they looked before buying one. Of course, this got dangerous since I liked several styles for my own girls and ended up buying a couple of wigs for them too! Here’s Sora sporting his cute new wig – it suits his faceup so much better than the light brown one he arrived with!

I got to meet Bailey, Dandy, Jane and Kayo, who’s names I sometimes read on the Volks USA blog, but it was nice to have faces to put to the names.

After some chatting and shopping, we went down to the main floor to take pictures in the photo space. In honour of the summer Olympics it was decorated with a London & Olympic Games theme. There’s a cute park bench, a mini double-decker bus and a backdrop of London.

Here BerzerkFuryZero’s Kiriha has captured InnocentSaké’s Momoko! Oh no!
Kiriha captures Momoko!

This was my first time seeing a Kiriha doll – she has a very pretty face, and her default eyes are a gorgeous dark purple. It’s a bit hard to photograph her eyes because they are quite dark – but with a bit of creative lighting I got this shot 🙂

Rin felt very at home and relaxed in the Volks store.

Here are Aerie, Cirno and Rin looking lovely in the photo space.
Aerie, Cirno and Rin

Vicky really wanted to try Rin’s default wig on Cirno, so I helped her put it on. Cirno makes an adorable Chibi-Rin doesn’t she?

Since Cirno borrowed Rin’s wig, Rin put on the lovely blonde wig that Cirno had been wearing. I’m not sure how I feel about Rin as a blonde, but it brought out the peach in her cheeks a bit more. Here are the girls goofing around – Cirno is the champion!
Aerie, Momoko, Cirno and Rin

Here’s little Sora hanging out with his aunti Aerie. I must confess that this was my first time actually handling a Volks yo-SD doll and I was failing miserably at making him sit and pose >;__<;” Luckily Dandy was there to show me the neat clicking system that yo-SD’s have in their hips and knees to make them pose better.
Aerie & Sora

The yo-SD’s are very stable and can stand on their own very easily. Their posing is very natural and cute 🙂

Thank you to Innocentsaké, David, BerzerkFuryZero, Kenny_Ngyuen and Vicky for coming out so early on a Saturday morning to hang out with me. It was so lovely to meet you all, and fantastic that I was finally able to visit the Volks USA showroom! I hope to be able to visit LA again soon!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra):
Sora had a fun time hanging out in the Volks showroom space, and seeing him with the red bus and London backdrop gave me an idea for another blog post ^__~”
Sora in "London"?

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