Dollfie Night Out! Small Doll Meet with TheBobness & Chef17 in Toronto

This past Monday was Thanksgiving for us in Canada, and Columbus Day in the USA so it was a long weekend. To take advantage of this, my friends TheBobness and chef17 came up to Toronto from their home cities of San Francisco and New York to visit PlasticFantastic & Sam for a few days. They wanted to meet few of our local Dollfie collectors so we had a small meet-up last Friday to hang out.
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!
Back row: Serena (DD Yuki Morikawa), PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, theBobness’ Miki, PlasticFantastic’s Asuka Langley, theBobness’ Jubei (DD Beatrice) and chef17’s Yumi (DD Mio Akiyama)
Front row: juu-yuki’s Lily and nkei’s Saber Extra

Before dinner, we first met up at Pacific Mall in Markham to walk around & do a bit of shopping.

It’s an Asian mall store stalls a bit reminiscent of outdoor markets in Hong Kong. Chef17 & theBobness found some useful little things, and the girls were distracted by shiny things and DD-sized accessories. Here are some cute hair clips that I’ve previously found at P-Mall. They are nice because they use an alligator clip so they slide in and out of wigs very nicely without messing up the fibers.

DD Hairclips

Some of us also bought 1:3 scale doll props like cameras, miniature food and cute plushies. There’s lots to look at and it’s a recommended spot to visit if you’re ever in Toronto. Just be wary about going on a weekend because it gets crazy busy and parking is an absolute nightmare! >__<”

After shopping, we headed to J-Town to have dinner at the Shiso Tree Café. This is a nice little Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant that CenturyStory suggested for a small meet and it was a great choice. The J-Town complex is very small, but with several different restaurants in it, a Japanese bakery and grocery store and a couple other shops I think of it as quality over quantity ^__~”

I always forget to take “venue” photos, but here’s a quick shot of us while we’re perusing our menus. I’m taking a wig from chef17 to detangle! Lol. (I hope no one minds me posting this photo – no one is looking directly at the camera!)
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

Next are a few obligatory food photos! First up are the tasty & popular Okonomiyaki Fries!
Okonomiyaki Fries

Chef17 one of the daily specials: Steak and Fries and the portion was huge!
Steak & Fries!

I had the Shrimp Okonomiyaki Pasta and it was delicious!
Shrimp Okonomiyaki Pasta - Shiso Tree Café

After soup, salad and entrées only a few of us had room for dessert – but it’s the best part! Here’s chef17’s Matcha-Adzuki Bean crèpe:
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

I was having a massive cheesecake craving and this simple Japanese cheesecake really hit the spot!
Japanese cheesecake

I’m sorry for making your mouths water – but I do love documenting tasty food! But the main reason for our get-together was Dollfie Dreams so let’s see which lovely girls came out this evening!

Here’s my sweet Serena (DD Yuki Morikawa) looking very stylish –
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

TheBobness brought a couple of his girls with him. Here is his beautiful Jubei (DD Beatrice) in a beautifully accessorized outfit –
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

And his brand new girl DD Miki Hoshi from Idolm@ster! She arrived the day before the meet, just in time to meet everyone! Isn’t she a cutie?
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

Speaking of new girls – nkei brought her newest Dollfie Dream too. Here is her beautiful Saber Extra! I love seeing red-haired Sabers – it really make her green eyes pop! I love the nude dress that she’s wearing!
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

Chef17 brought his cute Yumi (DD Mio Akiyama) all dolled up in pink.
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

PlasticFantastic brought her adorable Asuka Langley and cheeky Yoko.
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

Juu-Yuki brought her pretty Lily out and Mr. Snuggles took a liking to her right away!
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

Here’s are both “Sabers” together: juu-yuki’s re-painted Lily and nkei’s Saber Extra.
Saber Lily & Saber Extra!

Jubei and Serena are sharing fashion tips!
TheBobness' Jubei with Serena

I originally thought that we would have a small gathering but we had 10 people come out, which made chef17 and theBobness feel so welcome! Thank you everyone for coming to hang out; and a special thank you to the Shiso Tree Café for treating us so well!

I didn’t post all of my photos in this blog entry, but if you’d like to see the rest of them check them out in this Flickr set. After dinner everyone came over to my house for more hijinks – which I’ll share in another post later ^__~”

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Pretty footwear!
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!

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