Holiday Mini-Meets

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve had a few small Christmas doll gatherings at my house in the past few weeks but I’ve been quite busy at work so everything will be lumped into one long post!

A few weeks ago PlasticFantastic brought Nia, Lily and Maya over to help decorate the Christmas Tree!

Here are Nia and Lily –

Gabi was so excited that she got completely tangled up in the strand of bells!

Rin helped by hanging some of the ornaments –

Maya was having a bit of trouble getting the lights onto the tree all by herself

So when she was done with the ornaments Rin helped her out with the top of the tree.

Bunny was supervising from below to make sure everything looked just right!

But once the tree was decorated, Médée scooped him up!

After that, PlasticFantastic helped me decorate my real tree just in time for the holiday season! I have a pair of these beautiful birds that I bought in Paris a couple of years ago, and most of my ornaments are from Germany. Everything on my tree has a backstory to it.

A few days later Whitefrosty, KTCY and Machiko came over for a little meet. I’ve never had so many handsome resin boys in my house before!
Group shot!

These little boys are so adorable! They are Machiko’s Sora, with whitefrosty’s Yukio, Mishka, Louis and Myles!
Five Little Boys

But they look so tiny with the big boys standing up next to them! 0__0″

Machiko brought Nono over to visit –

Sakura and Aerie are dressed for the winter weather.

But Myles is ready for an Arctic freeze! 0__0″

Here’s a sexy sneak peek of my newest doll – Volks Yukinojo Sawaragi. I haven’t posted his box opening yet, but I’ll get to it soon!

Be sure to check out whitefrosty’s pictures from our meet on her blog!

The holidays is about getting together with friends and family – I’m glad that my friends were able to come hang out during this busy, festive time of year!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake: (extra fun, with kitties!)

My boys were being such nuisances…
Here’s Charlie lurking behind Annalise and Sid.

And as soon as PF or I shooed him away, Bubba would come lurk…

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