Moe’s Sweet Treats!

I hope all my friends had a lovely Valentine’s Day! Today Moe wants to share some beautiful French desserts with you! Here she has a plate of macarons and a Raspberry-Rose eclair!

Want something more substantial than that? Try the Religieuse Rose from Ladurée! It’s a delicate fondant-crowned crème-filled choux puff and baby crème-filled puff on top.

In the mood for something more decadent? How about the Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise from Ladurée?
With it’s delicately rose-flavoured chantilly cream, miniature choux pastry puffs and fresh strawberries it is a delight for eyes and the tastebuds!

Moe’s delicious treats were hand-crafted by Snowfern Clover (without a magnifying glass!! 0__0″). I’ve been a fan of her beautiful miniatures for quite some time, but she has only more recently posted 1:3 scale items on her etsy shop. With the obsession that my sister and I have for Ladurée, and the Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise in particular I couldn’t pass on these beautiful miniature pastries!

My sister and I have dined and shopped at many Ladurée tearooms and boutiques in London, Paris and Tokyo; it’s a bit of an addiction really! Here’s a photo from last November when we went to the Ladurée tearoom in Harrods in London and had a decadent afternoon tea!
Afternoon dessert time at Ladurée

– ♥ Archangeli

6 thoughts on “Moe’s Sweet Treats!

      • hee hee I’ve never even TASTED most of the inspiration of what I make in mini XD No I have not, I’ve seen it in pictures, but am not sure how large they are and so never attempted! You have given me further inspiration :O I am going to try it out later today, when I start on a new (and some old) 1:3 range of cakes :E Thanks for the boost!!!!! AHHHHHH *fires up*

  1. Oh wow, these look great, I got some 1/3 macrons before too, but they looked better in the picture then the actual thing when I got it.. so ended up never using them for any photo shots. And for a sec. there, I thought that last pictures was also doll scale XD I was like WOW those look SO real!!! XD *duh… that’s cause they are real.. rolls my eyes*

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