Review: Volks Argyle Cardigan Set

To continue my review of the Tenshi-no-Koromo outfits that were released a few weeks ago at the Osaka 7 DP, today I’ll review the Argyle Cardigan Set (DDTK-180). This was a very popular item from the Osaka 7 DP because it is very feminine and made of light-colours and has virtually no risk of staining a Dollfie Dream. Here’s Aerie wearing this pretty outfit set –

Volks Argyle Cardigan set

The cardigan is a nice quality knit and I was surprised to see that the 2 buttons are functional! I was expecting them to be decorative only, with a hidden snap behind them. There is a reinforced edge and white lining on the inside of where the buttons and button-holes are. If you really don’t like dealing with buttons, it is possible to put the cardigan on without unbuttoning the front, but you’ll need to remove the hands from your DD in order to fit through the sleeves. The way that the cardigan is shaped lays very nicely over the back of the skirt without any bunching.

Volks Argyle Cardigan set

The skirt is made of a dusty pink micro-suede. If any of you own the Volks Cherised Rose Set, it’s actually the same fabric! For this skirt there appears to be a very thin layer of interfacing fused to the back to help it hold the pleats more crisply. The skirt does up in the back with just a light pink zipper and the inside of the waistband is lined in white. I wish that Volks would put curved waistbands into some of their skirts to make them sit on the hips better. This skirt just kind of hangs on the hips and doesn’t fit very nicely but this is a common problem and one they aren’t likely to remedy any time soon.

Volks Argyle Cardigan set

The blouse is made of a very pretty textured white cotton. Again, if you own the Cherished Rose set, and are curious, the blouse is made of the same fabric that is used in the middle panel of the dress. The blouse does up the front with a row of metal snaps. There is a tiny bit of brown ribbon on the inside of the blouse I don’t think it should be a staining worry because the spot is in the doll’s cleavage and wouldn’t have contact with the vinyl! ^__~” Here’s Aerie wearing just the top and skirt so you can see how they look on their own. So pretty!
Volks Argyle Cardigan set

This is nice set, but honestly, with a retail price is ¥6615  it wasn’t a very good value since it only came with 3 pieces, but they are very pretty and versatile, and I can see myself using them to make other outfits. I really wish it had come with a pair of socks or maybe a hairband – just something else because this was the same price as the Lace-Up Top set and that set had so many more bits and pieces.
Volks Argyle Cardigan set

This set has sold out on the Volks international web store, but a limited stock should arrive at Volks USA for North American customers in a few months.

I hope you this set of outfit reviews was helpful. I know personally I like to know what the inside of outfits look like, if they will stain, etc. before I leave them on a doll for long periods. If there’s an outfit set that I own that you would like me to review, don’t be shy to leave me a comment! ^__^”

– ♥ Archangeli

[Disclaimer: I bought this set with my own money. I don’t work for Volks, am not affiliated with them in any way, nor do I get any form of compensation from them. I’m writing these reviews just to share my observations.]

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