Welcome Home Super Dollfie Ryo!

This weekend when I was at the Volks USA showroom for their final weekend events, I noticed this dapper young boy sitting amid the dolls in the Dollfie Orphanage and his big blue eyes caught my attention. He is a discontinued standard model – Super Dollfie Ryo (凌). I didn’t go into the store event expecting to come home with anything but he looked so polite, shy and oddly familiar that I decided on the spot to adopt him. When I was chatting with my sister about him afterwards, it’s no wonder that he looked familiar – his headmold is the F-11, which is “Nono.”

His headplate says 05.05 so he is an older doll, and his face was painted to look like the pictures in his paperwork. Many of his seams have been sanded and he is in very good condition considering his age! That is what I love about collecting Volks resin dolls – I know that even as they age they will look beautiful. He came “as-is” with the wig, outfit and boots you see here. The outfit is quite special since it is from the 2011 Full Choice System release and I love the boots (they are similar to another pair I already own!).
Super Dollfie Ryo

He has weird eyelashes that are a mix of blue and brown fibres, and his eyebrows have grooves in the resin. I will let Machiko do something different to his face to give him a fresh new look.

Since the store was very busy, it just happened that MIKEY (Akita Shigeta) helped to wrap him up back into his box. We chatted a little bit and I realized that this will be my sixth Super Dollfie, and my third boy @__@” He will be staying with Machiko indefinitely, to keep his “twin” sister Juliette (Winter Smile Nono) company.

It feels like I’m owning a little piece of Volks USA history, since Ryo is almost as old as the showroom itself. I feel very lucky to have been able to welcome him into my doll family.

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Here are a couple of photos from the Volks USA Facebook page of the Dollfie Orphanage. You can spot Ryo sitting near the middle of table.
Volks USA

Volks USA

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