Meeting up with Plastic Fantastic!

A couple of days ago Kev & I met up with another Dollfie Dream collector that lives in Toronto, PlasticFantastic and we got together to chat and eat! It was so cool to have so many lovely DD girls all in one place!

I went to visit PlasticFantastic and Sam this afternoon and I brought Moe, Mélisande and Médée along with me to visit her girls (and her kitties!) and we chatted about where we get our doll wigs, clothes, shoes, and figure collecting. I knew that PlasticFantastic’s Elle is a Yukino v.1 and I wanted to see a side-by-side comparison of both versions of Yukino. They are like long-lost twin sisters ^__^”

Here are a couple more shots of the girls hanging out –

If Moe looks distracted, it’s because she borrowed an iPhone from PlasticFantastic’s girls and is furiously texting and making plans! 0__0″

While we were chatting about Anime North, I found out that the Naked Prince Katamari plush that little Maya is hugging was made by my friend whitefrosty! What a funny small world!

Here’s the adorable MoMo claiming a box as her own.

Afterwards, we were joined by Sam and one of his co-workers and we went downtown for ramen! It was so good, and totally hit the spot on a cold winter evening! I didn’t want to risk any of my girls face-planting into a bowl of ramen so I didn’t take them out – but here’s a couple shots of our delicious dinners! I had the tonkatsu ramen and the pork bone broth was delicious – smooth and almost milky, just how it should be.

Kenzo Ramen, Yonge St. location, Toronto Kenzo Ramen, Yonge St. location, Toronto

Kev and I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to take some other dolls out on another local outing!

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