Waiting on DDS Akira

When Akira was announced earlier this summer I thought she was really cute, but in the end opted not to get her. I blame Volk’s inability to take good photos of their own dolls, and her default outfit (I still don’t really like it too much, but it’s just me 😉 ).

Then in August, I met GabrielVH’s Akira and person and was completely smitten with her little kitten face! Ugh – instant regret and she’s been on my “want” list ever since.
Seeing so many other people adopt her lately here and there has made me pine for her even more, so when a good deal popped up I couldn’t pass on it.

I recently bought a full-set Akira, and am currently waiting for her arrival!

It’s a bit complicated since the seller only wanted to do a US-only sale, so I had the doll shipped to my aunt who lives in California. She’s coming up to visit for the holidays and she was ok with bringing it up for me 🙂 (and yay for avoiding customs! :P)

Hopefully she'll arrive soon so I'll have my newest girl by Christmas, otherwise she'll have to mail it to me when she gets home. 😥
Either way, doll goods will be arriving since I had my recent Volks USA order mailed to her to bring up for me too!

Here's Jezatron's Yoko, DarkDollhouse's Yuki, GabrielVH's Akira and my Moe from our outing.

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