Dollfie Dream Meetup in Niagara – September 20, 2014

This month we decided to take our doll meet to a completely different location! We tend to stick around Toronto, but we have lots of attendees that come from out of town so we decided to spend our day out in the Niagara region. We met up at the botanical gardens for a little picnic. This is the best time of year for fresh peaches, apples and other fruits and we purchased some from a local orchard.

What we underestimated was how windy it would be! Here are the dolls before girls started getting blown over, and huge tree branches started falling from the sky!

Doll Meet out in Niagara

It was absurdly windy so I didn’t take very many photos. Does this look like PlasticFantastic’s Yuki and Rin are relaxing in the grass? Nope – the wind blew them over!

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 19, 2014

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts and updates! In addition to sorting out the mess from finishing up our renovation, my desktop computer died in mid-July >_<” I have had so many lovely photos from our doll meets and am only finally catching up on uploading them.

In mid-July we planned to meet up on the Toronto Islands for a lovely beach picnic, with special guest Otakusan167 visiting us too! However things don’t always go to plan. Otakusan167 had a family emergency so his travel plans changed and he wasn’t able to join us, and also the day turned out to be gray and rainy so we had to hide indoors at an alternate location. Luckily Marché is not too far away from the ferry terminal so we were able to regroup and meet there instead.

Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

Despite the poor weather there was great turn-out and lots of beautiful dolls!

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Gabi & Mirai Hang Out in Vancouver

I had a short layover in Vancouver earlier this week, but the timing worked out so that puppy52 and her hubby were able to meet up with me for breakfast! It was a short little meetup, but I brought Gabrielle (Volks DDS Akira) with me to visit.

We went out to a Hong Kong-style diner called Lido for breakfast. I really felt like I was transported back to Hong Kong – fast paced vibe, a bit noisy, fast and tasty food, and amazing pineapple buns (Bolor bao)! Since there was a lineup of customers, and the tables weren’t the cleanest (>__<“) we migrated over to the Aberdeen Centre before bringing out the dollies. Puppy52 brought her newest girl – the manual version of Smart Doll Mirai!

Mirai is the product of a lot of hard work and dreaming by Culture Japan founder Danny Choo. She’s similar to other 1:3 vinyl dolls on the market, but since Danny is also a collector himself, he took it upon himself to tweak certain things that he didn’t like with other dolls available on the market. Here she is standing next to Gabi, who is a Dollfie Dream Sister. You can see they are quite similar in height and overall proportion – well, except that Mirai has a lot more going on in the bust area! (She is wearing the optional Large bust).

I got to pose and play around with Mirai’s body, and the built-in telescopic stand that she comes with. It’s very handy and makes her very stable – so stable in fact that I decided to goof around a bit and be a bit daring! I remember reading a long time ago the Volks designed their DDS (or maybe it was the DD3?) body so that it was strong and stable enough to support the weight of another doll! I wanted to see if Mirai could do the same – and she can!
Gabi and Mirai

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Dollfie Dream Monthly Meetup in Toronto – March 22, 2014

Even though AlphaZ was able to attend the January Dollfie Dream meetup in Toronto, it feels like I haven’t been at one in ages @__@” I’ve missed seeing everyone and their pretty dolls! Since the weather is still bitterly cold and gross we met at Go For Tea in Markham. The theme for this month’s meetup was “Spring, please come soon!” since March has almost finished and it is still snowy and cold. Most of the girls were dressed in hoodies, sweaters and other cute casual wear and some colourful chicks added a bit of colour to the group!

March Dollfie Dream meetup

Alice wore a light sweater with a nice green coat on top. but she doesn’t seem amused with this bird on her head @_@”
March Dollfie Dream meetup

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Exciting News for Anime North 2012!

Hello friends – it’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I’ve been waiting for the right time to share some exciting news!

Many of you know that I’ve been a member of the operational staff at Anime North’s charity maid café, Café Delish, for the past few years (no, I’m not one of the maids – sorry to disappoint!) and it sells out every year. It’s a huge time commitment from all of the amazing young ladies who volunteer, so despite many requests to expand, the café runs only from 12-6 on Saturday at the convention. Tickets sell out very fast every year, so to try to accommodate our wonderful fans who may not be able to get a ticket to a seating, there will be something very new and exciting happening this year in addition to the regular café setting. This “new addition” is planned to run the whole weekend, so if you cannot get in for a seating (which is always lots of fun!), you can still experience what makes maid café’s so popular!

More details to come, but keep your eyes on the Café Delish Facebook page for updates from our head maid, Yumi L’Amour ♥. We’ll be introducing our maids for 2012 very soon!
Fabric origami nightmare

♥ ♥ ♥

My next bit of news is that PlasticFantastic and I (as well as several other friends) will be going to Tokyo, Japan in early May. We plan to be at the Volks Doll Party, in addition to shopping and sight-seeing! Why am I telling you guys this? *hold that thought!*

Back in January, I was approached by the co-coordinators of Anime North’s BJD doll division – Doll North – who wanted to see if I’d be interested in hosting a Dollfie Dream panel. I was extremely excited since I really want to do something to help out the growing DD community in Toronto! Since I already have quite a bit on my plate for the convention, I asked the very knowledgeable, and super awesome PlasticFantastic if she’d be interested in this too. We had a meeting with the co-ordinators, Briknits and AgentPanda, a couple of weeks ago to discuss and plan. The panel will be on Friday of the convention (May 25, 2012), exact time to be announced later. If you are a DD owner, want to be or are just curious about these beautiful dolls, we do hope that you’ll stop by! *This is where my mentioning the Tokyo trip comes in* In addition to practical topics like DD care, maintenance, how they differ from conventional resin BJD’s, we’ll also have lots of very recent photos, videos, and first-hand experience from the Dolpa to share from our adventures in Tokyo!

Here’s my Gabrielle and PlasticFantastic’s Elle hanging out with a couple of Tinies, and a custom DD whose secret identity will be revealed soon!
Afternoon doll outing

I’m hoping that we may be able to take some time at the end of our panel to have an informal Culture Japan gathering and have a photoshoot session afterwards as well, so please bring your DD girls with you!

Unfortunately it’s all a bit of a tease, but I’ll have more details in the weeks to come!

– Archangeli ♥

Elle & Odette Come to Visit

It was a lovely day today and I invited PlasticFantastic, Sam, T-Rho and my sister, Machiko, to come over to hang out. PlasticFantastic brought her lovely Elle and Odette with her, and Machiko brought little Delilah. It turned into a fun gathering of dolly girls!

This is just a pre-cursor to a bigger doll meet-up of local DD owners tomorrow!

Here are Elle and Odette chilling out on the couch, with my little Médée hanging out. I’m not feeling these eyes for Médée at all, but hopefully she’ll get some nice new ones tomorrow!

Gabrielle and Aerie join in on the fun on the couch too!

Sam snapped this great profile shot of Gabrielle – I love her little ducky face!

Here are some rather amusing pictures of my cats, Charlie and Bubba, that Sam caught on camera.

We had fun chatting about dolls, work, lolita fashion, kitties, planning our Tokyo adventure and grabbed some sushi takeout for dinner. It was loads of fun – and there will be more DD action tomorrow!

Gabrielle goes to London for Art and Food!

My newest Dollfie Dream girl arrived a few days before Christmas, courtesy of an amazing seller and my aunt bringing her up from Los Angeles – Volks DDS Akira! She’s my first Dollfie Dream Sister doll, and I adore this body type! I like that she’s a little bit smaller than the other big DD girls (but not too much) but still has great poseability! I spent the first couple of days with her trying on lots of wigs to see which one will be “hers” and in the end I’ve decided that while she may masquerade as a blonde or brunette every so often, she will be my peach baby!

I love her adorable little smile and her big green eyes! Her smaller body also lent itself to being packed in a suitcase easily I brought her with me this past weekend to visit London, UK! She borrowed a pretty outfit from Lily, some boots from Alisanne, put on a lovely wig to coordinate and off across the Atlantic we went!

First stop was lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robouchon with my cousin (our favourite lunch spot), and afterward we were joined by Jezatron, Cookiedude_2332 and PockyKai and we moved up to their lounge for dessert and cocktails. I stupidly forgot to charge my camera battery, so I didn’t take too many photos because I was trying to conserve the 1% battery power that I had left >__<”

Here’s the artichoke soup appetizer, and the delicious pork belly main course – and some super girly cocktails!
Le Topinambour - L'Atelier de Joël Robouchon, London La Ventreche de Porc - L'Atelier Joël Robouchon, London Cocktails at Joël Robouchon
Photo by Josh Ng (CookieDude_2332)

After lunch, my cousin went off to do her own thing, and the rest of us walked up to the British Museum because I was interested in one of their temporary exhibits. Hokusai’s Under the Wave, off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami-ura), also known as “The Great Wave” on display until January 8, 2012 and I wanted to take advantage of my time in London to check out this famous wood-block print! As with most famous works of art, I’m usually struck with how small they are in real life since museum posters always make them seem huge and you can never get a sense of scale out of a book. The Great Wave was much smaller than I anticipated, but the beautiful blue colours were so vivid and striking. Here’s Gabrielle showing off the print –

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Waiting on DDS Akira

When Akira was announced earlier this summer I thought she was really cute, but in the end opted not to get her. I blame Volk’s inability to take good photos of their own dolls, and her default outfit (I still don’t really like it too much, but it’s just me 😉 ).

Then in August, I met GabrielVH’s Akira and person and was completely smitten with her little kitten face! Ugh – instant regret and she’s been on my “want” list ever since.
Seeing so many other people adopt her lately here and there has made me pine for her even more, so when a good deal popped up I couldn’t pass on it.

I recently bought a full-set Akira, and am currently waiting for her arrival!

It’s a bit complicated since the seller only wanted to do a US-only sale, so I had the doll shipped to my aunt who lives in California. She’s coming up to visit for the holidays and she was ok with bringing it up for me 🙂 (and yay for avoiding customs! :P)

Hopefully she'll arrive soon so I'll have my newest girl by Christmas, otherwise she'll have to mail it to me when she gets home. 😥
Either way, doll goods will be arriving since I had my recent Volks USA order mailed to her to bring up for me too!

Here's Jezatron's Yoko, DarkDollhouse's Yuki, GabrielVH's Akira and my Moe from our outing.