Dollfie Dream Tea Party – February 2012

I invited a few friends over to my house today for a doll tea party. Juu-Yuki, PlasticFantastic, whitefrosty and Machiko came over and look at the feast that their dolls had! Juu-Yuki brought her lovely Sakura and Rina, PF brought Asuka, Yoko, Amber and her new HDD-06 girl, tentatively named Madeleine. Machiko brought her little resin girls Delilah and Lareine, and whitefrosty brought little Myles and Mishka.
Doll Tea Party

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – February 18, 2012

This past weekend a few of the local Dollfie Dream owners got together to hang out, chat, swap items and eat cake! nkei recommended we meet at Café Princess up in North York, and it was a lovely venue for our meet! We had a nice, private room to ourselves and there was a great turn-out!

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Elle & Odette Come to Visit

It was a lovely day today and I invited PlasticFantastic, Sam, T-Rho and my sister, Machiko, to come over to hang out. PlasticFantastic brought her lovely Elle and Odette with her, and Machiko brought little Delilah. It turned into a fun gathering of dolly girls!

This is just a pre-cursor to a bigger doll meet-up of local DD owners tomorrow!

Here are Elle and Odette chilling out on the couch, with my little Médée hanging out. I’m not feeling these eyes for Médée at all, but hopefully she’ll get some nice new ones tomorrow!

Gabrielle and Aerie join in on the fun on the couch too!

Sam snapped this great profile shot of Gabrielle – I love her little ducky face!

Here are some rather amusing pictures of my cats, Charlie and Bubba, that Sam caught on camera.

We had fun chatting about dolls, work, lolita fashion, kitties, planning our Tokyo adventure and grabbed some sushi takeout for dinner. It was loads of fun – and there will be more DD action tomorrow!

A Year with Saber Lily

It’s hard to believe that a year ago my first Dollfie Dream arrived at my door! In the 365 days since, my doll family has grown exponentially, and it’s been a wonderful journey. Through this hobby I’ve made some wonderful contacts in the community all over the world, and met some amazing new friends on my own home turf and in the UK.

Saber Lily

Lily’s lovely sculpt, gentle expression and very impressive armor and dress were what initially drew me to her, despite the fact that I thought Kevin was bonkers for wanting to spend so much on a doll. At the time, I really knew nothing about DD’s and had to do my homework before relenting.

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