Natsuki’s New Home

Several weeks ago I had the lovely Volks Dollfie Dream Natsuki pass through my home before I sent her off to her her owner in California – A.Z. She arrived very quickly and her new papa sent me some lovely photos of her once she was settled in. Here’s Natsuki before I packed her up to go on her adventure!
Natsuki in Leeke Real Red
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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – September 15, 2012

It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone, and that it’s already September. This past Saturday some of the Dollfie Dream owners in Toronto got together for our monthly meetup, and this time we had a special guest – Mahoro was visiting from Edmonton, Canada! I’d previously met Mahoro in Tokyo back in May at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night, but Mahoro was bemoaning the fact that there are no other DD owners in Edmonton for him to hang out with. [So, if you’re a Dollfie Dream owner from Edmonton reading this – say hi!] Well, that just made me sad, so our community arranged to have a meetup while he was in town!

Back to School Dollfie Dream Meet in Toronto

Back row: Kai-suteki’s Tai, nkei’s Setsuko (DD Beatrice), my Gabrielle and Rin Tohsaka, PlasticFantastic’s Odette and Cirno, di-chan123’s Shana (MDD Louise)
Front row: tanu-chan’s Kairi, nkei’s Mai, PlasticFantastic’s Mio, juu-yuki’s Airi (DD Rina), PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, Mahoro’s Haruka, MrCool0236’s Harumi, AgentPanda’s Penny and Machiko’s Sora.

Our theme this month was “Back to School” so there were lots of cute schoolgirl uniforms about!

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Lovely Hinata in Something Blue

Hinata recently was upgraded from her DD2 body to the DDdy3 body and wanted to wear the lovely new dress to showcase her new assets.


The dress she’s wearing is the “Something Blue Wedding Dress” from the recent Volks Dolpa in Sendai, Japan. It came with the dress, choker arm covers, lovely white thigh-high stockings with white lace trim, and a veil. I rather like the dress just on it’s own as a pretty tea dress – it reminds me of the beautiful silhouette that dresses had in the 1950’s at the height of the Christian Dior “New Style.” I think the next time Hinata wears this, she needs some pearls and a lovely hat!


The dress is actually three separate pieces – the bodice (which is lined in white), an underskirt made of a white brocade-like fabric (that has a layer of soft tulle built in for a bit more puffiness) and the overskirt, which has the lovely blue fabric with a sheer white chiffon layer over it and the lovely lace trim. Since the overskirt isn’t attached, it can be worn so that the bow is at the front, back or off to one side. For collectors who own the Volks “Sugar Milk Cookie” outfit from Kyoto 9, the blue to this dress is a little bit lighter. It isn’t nearly as bright as the “Alice Maid” set.

Here Hinata is wearing just the bodice and the white brocade skirt to show the lovely texture of the fabric. I’ve already got a few mix-and-match outfits in mind for this lovely white skirt.

I was drawn to this lovely dress because once I looked past the “Bridal accessories” that it came with, I saw a very lovely cocktail dress. I think Hinata looks very lovely in blue, don’t you?

– ♥ Archangeli

Assembling a Dollfie Dream Dynamite 3 (DDdy3) Body – NSFW

At the recent Dolpa in Sendai, Volks released three new optional body parts into the lineup that can be used to build a Dollfie Dream Dynamite 3 (DDdy3) body. This is a further step in their plan to release the new bodies in pieces so that you can customize your own girl from each step. I’ve handled the DDdy2 body before, and although I was attracted to the curvaceous figure and hourglass shape of the body, there were a few drawbacks that put me off getting (or making) a DDdy girl of my own. First of all, the way the thighs were designed made it difficult for them to sit properly, and they were a bit more finicky to balance when standing. However, with the release of DD Haruka Niimi earlier this year, Volks addressed these issues and solved them with the new DDdy3 body. I had previous handled T-Rho’s and PlasticFantastic’s DDdy3 girls and was quite pleased with it so decided to “upgrade” one of my girls.  I was able to obtain the DDdy3 pieces and am going to share how I put the body together.

I’ve put a NSFW tag because there will be naked dolls, so proceed with your own discretion!
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Moe & Paw go out for breakfast!

Yesterday morning I was in Vancouver again, but this time in Richmond (closer to the airport) so I made plans to meet up with puppy52 for breakfast! We met at Denny’s, and she brought her new girl Paw with her! I brought Moe with me for our morning meat! :3 And look at the heaps of food that we had! 0_0″

Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

The girls had a big breakfast sandwich to share too!
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

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Lazy Afternoon with Mio-chan!

I’ve currently got a Dollfie Dream Mio visiting at my house – and I was given permission by new owner to take her out to play today. I don’t know anything about the K-ON series, and didn’t care much for Mio’s default wig so I tried some other looks on her.

This is one of the wigs Rin usually wears, and it gives Mio a tom-boyish look.

There’s something about her open-mouthed sculpt that makes her look perpetually hungry, even when she’s just lounging around.
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Doll meetup in London, UK: September 3, 2012

Annalise had quite the jet-setting weekend! No sooner had she arrived home from her visit in Vancouver that I packed her into another suitcase and off we went to London, UK! I met up with fransgaard, GabrielVH, Jezatron, cookiedude_2332, Pink_Blaise and JRuzzy on Monday evening, at The Light Bar in Shoreditch for drinks and dinner. GabrielVH and I had brought Dollfie Dreams with us to our last outing in July, but the restaurant was very small and crowded so our girls didn’t get to come out of their bags! This time fransgaard helped us pick a more spacious location and the venue was actually fantastic. Fransgaard picked the Light Bar because I had mentioned that a space with lots of natural light would be fantastic, but the time we brought out our DD’s it had gotten dark! >__<” My little point-and-shoot camera is awful at night so I didn’t take a many photos as I would have liked. *sigh* Despite the lack of pictures, we had a lovely evening – and the DD girls in attendance were GabrielVH’s Moe, my Annalise (DD Rise Kujikawa), Jezatron’s Ryomou, JRuzzy’s Haruka Niimi and Pink_Blaise’s Inari (DD Neris).

Annalise, Moe, Ryomou, Niimi and Inari

I had a minor fashion emergency when I unpacked Annalise at the hotel – I had transported her in 2 pieces so that she would fit in my carry-on suitcase and somehow when I switched luggage her skirt got left behind at home! >__<” Luckily fransgaard came to the rescue by bringing a cute pair of Mai Little Alien jeans for her to wear. They are so much more stylish than my backup plan of crafting her a sarong with a bar napkin!

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A Small Doll Meat in Vancouver!

Last Saturday I was in beautiful Vancouver and met up with puppy52, bluestarbaby, LightningSabre, ItSid8 and Kentaro for breakfast downtown. It was a gorgeous day – and also bluestarbaby’s birthday! We met up for breakfast at De Dutch at the Vancouver Convention Centre and gorged ourselves on tasty Pannekoeken and other breakfast fare. The Vancouverites have an inside joke of calling doll meets “doll meats” – mmmm sexy meat! LOL

Meiko, Annalise, Saya and Lin at De Dutch
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