Lovely Hinata in Something Blue

Hinata recently was upgraded from her DD2 body to the DDdy3 body and wanted to wear the lovely new dress to showcase her new assets.


The dress she’s wearing is the “Something Blue Wedding Dress” from the recent Volks Dolpa in Sendai, Japan. It came with the dress, choker arm covers, lovely white thigh-high stockings with white lace trim, and a veil. I rather like the dress just on it’s own as a pretty tea dress – it reminds me of the beautiful silhouette that dresses had in the 1950’s at the height of the Christian Dior “New Style.” I think the next time Hinata wears this, she needs some pearls and a lovely hat!


The dress is actually three separate pieces – the bodice (which is lined in white), an underskirt made of a white brocade-like fabric (that has a layer of soft tulle built in for a bit more puffiness) and the overskirt, which has the lovely blue fabric with a sheer white chiffon layer over it and the lovely lace trim. Since the overskirt isn’t attached, it can be worn so that the bow is at the front, back or off to one side. For collectors who own the Volks “Sugar Milk Cookie” outfit from Kyoto 9, the blue to this dress is a little bit lighter. It isn’t nearly as bright as the “Alice Maid” set.

Here Hinata is wearing just the bodice and the white brocade skirt to show the lovely texture of the fabric. I’ve already got a few mix-and-match outfits in mind for this lovely white skirt.

I was drawn to this lovely dress because once I looked past the “Bridal accessories” that it came with, I saw a very lovely cocktail dress. I think Hinata looks very lovely in blue, don’t you?

– ♥ Archangeli

How to Remove & Change Eyes for a Dollfie Dream (with video!)

When I was in Tokyo last month, I adopted a beautiful Dollfie Dream Shino (that I’ve renamed Hinata). While I was taking photos of her, I noticed that one of her eyes was misaligned, so when I came home I decided to remove her default eyes and install some different ones just for fun. Changing a doll’s eyes is a very quick and easy way to personalize her and give them a whole new look.

I’ve since become quite comfortable with changing DD eyes, but I still remember the first time I did it for Aerie and how nervous I was.I decided to take step-by-step photos of the process of removing default eyes in case any of you decide you would like to do it.

Here’s Hinata still wearing her default eyes. Notice how the one on the left is dark and doesn’t catch the light? It’s actually positioned 2mm lower the the one on the right so that pretty honey colour in the iris doesn’t even show, and it’s angled downwards!

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