The KOS-MOS Project- Part IV

Previous entries for the KOS-MOS Custom DD Project:

Part 1: Introduction, Head & Wig, Faceup, Body Image
Part 2: Head Gear, Boots and Armour
Part 3: Bodysuit


KOS-MOS wields several iconic weapons through the games – gattling guns, her scythe, handguns, and swords. Kevin and I discussed this early on and decided that if we were going to do this project, it had to be visually impressive so a little handgun wasn’t going to cut it. Kevin really loved her blue sword, and I’m sure many others do too since it’s the weapon that is shown with many of her Ep. 3 version 4 figures.

The sword was Kevin’s project from the beginning, and it took a lot of trial and error, many late nights, tons of frustration but in the end it turned out looking really cool.

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The KOS-MOS Project – Part III

So KOS-MOS has her armour, boots and headgear – what’s next?


I had given permission for Machiko to sew Makoto into the costume if necessary, but would ideally prefer if it were removable. Keeping that in mind, Machiko designed the dress so that it can actually come off – and is attached using some very thin doll Velcro along the side seam.

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The KOS-MOS Project – Part II

If you read Part I, you’ll know that having finally acquired the head and body that I wanted for Makoto, the serious job of creating her costume and her weapon was about to begin!

We started with the more straight-forward portions first, so in this entry will be descriptions of the Headgear, Boots and Armour.

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The KOS-MOS Project – Part I


For a long time I’ve been a huge fan of the character of KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga games. Kevin (my hubby) and I have collected practically every figure every released of KOS-MOS, and have been planning to make a custom DD of KOS-MOS for the last… 15 months or so. It’s been a long process, with lots of trial and error, but it’s been worth it to see my lovely Makoto finally become the doll she was intended to be.

My original plan was to complete KOS-MOS to unveil at a Volks Dolpa in New York in 2011, but after the devastating tsunami hit Japan last Spring, any plans of a Dolpa happening that year in North America were quickly put aside to much more important matters. So my KOS-MOS project was shelved for a while. Kevin never gave up on the project, and decided to set an even bigger goal for unveiling our KOS-MOS Dollfie Dream – Tokyo Dolpa 27! I thought he was crazy (since we had just been to Tokyo in autumn of 2011), but with the enthusiasm and interest of some other friends who wanted to make this a group trip, Project X gained momentum again. This will be a diary of this project, and tutorial of how Project X came into being.

Here are a few of my KOS-MOS and Xenosaga figures. Yes, I have the stunning Volks statue too! My thanks to TokyoHunter for helping me acquire her. As you can see, I have lots of reference materials! ^__~”
KOS-MOS shelves 3 & 4

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Macarons, Puppy♥ Love and puriMeido!

I’ve had a busy few weeks since I last posted. I’ve been to Shanghai twice, and to London, England too; and completed 2 busy days of my annual training (which consists of written exams, practical exams, drills and first aid training) so I’ve been quite tired.

I just want to catch up on a few things before I make a longer post later this week!

Last month when I met up for brunch with some DD owners in Vancouver, I also picked up some goodies that I had purchased from Puppy52’s online shop. The timing worked out well and here’s the cute loot I scored: a beautiful top, a super cute frilly skirt, Happy Puppy buttons, a Mirai Firefox sticker and an adorable doodle that Chun did of Taiga.
puppy52 loot

Aerie called first dibs trying the new clothing on the new stuff, but I intended the top to be for Gabrielle since I don’t have a lot of things that suit her DDS body.

Here’s Aerie showing off the new outfit –
Aerie in Puppy52 clothes!

And here’s Gabrielle in the top out at a doll meet.
Doll Meet at Café Princess

Super cute!


Over the Easter weekend I was in London, England. I met up with my aunt and cousin for brunch and managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of shopping (since many shops were closed for the holiday weekend!). I had been given a mission by my sister to hunt down the limited edition collaboration macarons between Hello Kitty and Ladurée! They didn’t have everything from the collaboration, but I managed to get her a couple of boxes of her favourite ones, as well as a tin of the Mélange Ladurée tea. The new flavour for spring is Sakura (cherry blossom), which is very fitting for this collaboration. The packaging is so adorable!

Ladurée x Hello Kitty stuff for Tiff


My last bit of news is about Anime North! If you’ve been paying attention to the official website you may have noticed that the Café Delish maids will be pulling double duty this year! In addition to the café itself, they will also be in the Photo Alley at the puriMeido photo booth! Similar to the purikura (print club) photo booth machines that are popular in Japan, this year attendees can stop by to have a photo of their favourite maid(s)! Details on Café Delish and the puriMeido booth can also be found on the Facebook fan page!

puriMeido ♥

Ok, that’s all for now. I have lots of photos from last weekend to edit and then I’ll post again later this week!

~ ♥ Archangeli

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter holiday weekend. Here in Canada, it’s a 4-day weekend for most schools, businesses and shops. PlasticFantastic and Sam came over today to hang out, and a few photos came about.

Here’s Mélisande with a cute Easter basket that I made.
Easter Baskets

Well hello there little yellow chick! ^__^”

This basket was a gift for Puppy52. The Easter Bunny delivered it to her a bit early, but it’s better to be early than late!

PlasticFantastic’s Amber has a bunny in her basket. ^_^”

Médée looks super adorable in this bunny kigurumi!

Aerie as the Easter Bunny. With special appearance by Angry Bunny!

Happy Easter to all of my friends! ♥ (and if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you still have a lovely weekend! ^__^”)
– Archangeli