Gabrielle goes to London for Art and Food!

My newest Dollfie Dream girl arrived a few days before Christmas, courtesy of an amazing seller and my aunt bringing her up from Los Angeles – Volks DDS Akira! She’s my first Dollfie Dream Sister doll, and I adore this body type! I like that she’s a little bit smaller than the other big DD girls (but not too much) but still has great poseability! I spent the first couple of days with her trying on lots of wigs to see which one will be “hers” and in the end I’ve decided that while she may masquerade as a blonde or brunette every so often, she will be my peach baby!

I love her adorable little smile and her big green eyes! Her smaller body also lent itself to being packed in a suitcase easily I brought her with me this past weekend to visit London, UK! She borrowed a pretty outfit from Lily, some boots from Alisanne, put on a lovely wig to coordinate and off across the Atlantic we went!

First stop was lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robouchon with my cousin (our favourite lunch spot), and afterward we were joined by Jezatron, Cookiedude_2332 and PockyKai and we moved up to their lounge for dessert and cocktails. I stupidly forgot to charge my camera battery, so I didn’t take too many photos because I was trying to conserve the 1% battery power that I had left >__<”

Here’s the artichoke soup appetizer, and the delicious pork belly main course – and some super girly cocktails!
Le Topinambour - L'Atelier de Joël Robouchon, London La Ventreche de Porc - L'Atelier Joël Robouchon, London Cocktails at Joël Robouchon
Photo by Josh Ng (CookieDude_2332)

After lunch, my cousin went off to do her own thing, and the rest of us walked up to the British Museum because I was interested in one of their temporary exhibits. Hokusai’s Under the Wave, off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami-ura), also known as “The Great Wave” on display until January 8, 2012 and I wanted to take advantage of my time in London to check out this famous wood-block print! As with most famous works of art, I’m usually struck with how small they are in real life since museum posters always make them seem huge and you can never get a sense of scale out of a book. The Great Wave was much smaller than I anticipated, but the beautiful blue colours were so vivid and striking. Here’s Gabrielle showing off the print –

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Happy Holidays!

To all the wonderful friends that I’ve made this year after starting to collect resin BJD’s and Dollfie Dreams, I want to wish you all a very wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Yule and Winter Solstice, and the best wishes that 2012 will be filled with health, prosperity and more beautiful dolls!

Meeting up with Plastic Fantastic!

A couple of days ago Kev & I met up with another Dollfie Dream collector that lives in Toronto, PlasticFantastic and we got together to chat and eat! It was so cool to have so many lovely DD girls all in one place!

I went to visit PlasticFantastic and Sam this afternoon and I brought Moe, Mélisande and Médée along with me to visit her girls (and her kitties!) Continue reading

Waiting on DDS Akira

When Akira was announced earlier this summer I thought she was really cute, but in the end opted not to get her. I blame Volk’s inability to take good photos of their own dolls, and her default outfit (I still don’t really like it too much, but it’s just me 😉 ).

Then in August, I met GabrielVH’s Akira and person and was completely smitten with her little kitten face! Ugh – instant regret and she’s been on my “want” list ever since.
Seeing so many other people adopt her lately here and there has made me pine for her even more, so when a good deal popped up I couldn’t pass on it.

I recently bought a full-set Akira, and am currently waiting for her arrival!

It’s a bit complicated since the seller only wanted to do a US-only sale, so I had the doll shipped to my aunt who lives in California. She’s coming up to visit for the holidays and she was ok with bringing it up for me 🙂 (and yay for avoiding customs! :P)

Hopefully she'll arrive soon so I'll have my newest girl by Christmas, otherwise she'll have to mail it to me when she gets home. 😥
Either way, doll goods will be arriving since I had my recent Volks USA order mailed to her to bring up for me too!

Here's Jezatron's Yoko, DarkDollhouse's Yuki, GabrielVH's Akira and my Moe from our outing.

Doll Meetup in Toronto – Dec 4, 2011

This past Sunday I had the chance to meetup with some BJD owners from my own stomping grounds – Toronto. It’s a rare occasion that I’m not working on a weekend so when this opportunity popped up I braved the rain and took Moe-chan and little Médée out to meet some new friends.
(Dreaming El Jareth belonging to Sugar Kat (from the GTA Dolls forum), and next to him are Loki’s Mom’s OceanMoon Eun-Ryoung (in blue striped shirt) , Liliana; the second little one (in the lilac dragon hat) is a LittleFee Shiwoo, Bran; and the one on the right is a Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Xiao, Laika)

We met up at the Village by the Grange in downtown Toronto, which has a food court area with lots of seating and there’s an area with a glass ceiling so there’s natural light which helped with taking pictures. It was funny because as a few people came back with food, then let their dolls chill out on the table and ate their food on a ledge in the corner because they didn’t want to risk getting their dolls dirty. Oh, we’re a funny bunch!
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