Dollfie Dream Hallowe’en Meetup in Toronto – October 27, 2012

Last Saturday some members of the local Dollfie Dream community got together for a nice afternoon out with our dolls! We met for lunch downtown at the Marché restaurant and there was a wonderful gathering of beautiful dolls! This is an early group shot – a few girls came later ^__^”

I guess I’ll start by introducing some of these lovely girls!

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Simple Project to Prevent Shoes from Staining

I was inspired by Aquilla429‘s simple tutorial about making shoe insoles to make 1:3 scale shoes fit DD feet better, and took photos to document a recent project I did. I pulled out a cute Volks outfit in preparation for a DD meetup this weekend, and recalled that the shoes and socks are horrible for staining. I plan to use a bodystocking under the socks, but the more preventative steps I can take to prevent staining – the better – so I decided to make insoles for these shoes.

Here are the offending shoes – the are from Moe’s Gothic Dress set and they are all black inside! T__T”

The last time I had a doll wearing this outfit for about 4 hours and she ended up with some nasty stains on the bottoms of her feet. Most of the stains were concentrated on pressure spots from where the doll was standing – so primarily the heels, balls of her feet and the toes. In most cases it’s pressure between socks and shoes that are the culprit, but since the inside of these shoes are black, it could also contribute to the problem.
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Three Auburn-Haired Ladies

I love it when friends come over to my house with their lovely Dollfie Dream girls – it makes for lots of fun photo opportunities! A couple of weeks ago my friends nkei and centurystory stayed late to hang out and take photo’s of nkei’s newest girl – Leone – a Saber Extra.

Here’s Leone with my Sidonie. Even though they are the same sculpt, faceup and eyes they have very different airs about them, don’t they?
Leone and Sidonie

Serena didn’t want to miss out on the fun so she dressed up joined in for a few photos too. I’m not used to seeing her as a red-head but she looks very pretty with this wig. These three look so beautiful together!
Auburn Haired Ladies

Leone and Serena –
Leone and Serena

Sidonie isn’t afriad of heights or taking a few risks.

These girls make for a lovely trio!
Serena, Leone and Sidonie

– ♥ Archangeli

Autumn Colours

The weather has started to turn cold and the air is getting crisp now that we’re in the middle of Autumn in Canada. This is one of my favourite times of of the year because the leaves on the trees start to turn colors before they fall and it’s very beautiful. There are some lovely old trees in my neighbourhood so I don’t have to go very far to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage.

I’ve been waiting for the right weather so that one of my girls could wear this adorable coat – and Annalise was the lucky girl to wear it out today! Doesn’t she look lovely?

Annalise in Autumn

The falling leaves are very pretty and all the shades of red, yellow and orange are stunning.

Annalise in Autumn

Lily took little Médée out for a stroll to enjoy the pretty trees.

Lily and Médée Out for a Stroll

The days are also starting to get shorter – I’m noticing that the sun is starting to set earlier now.

Lily & Teddy

I’m enjoying this beautiful weather while it lasts, because soon it will be too cold to take lovely outdoor photos! >__<”

Annalise in Autumn

– ♥ Archangeli

Doll mini-meet in London, UK: October 8, 2012

This past Monday I met up with Pink_Blaise and Jezatron while I was in London, and we took a few of our girls out for for dinner with us. We met up at a nice bar/ restaurant in Shoreditch and it was a relaxing way to spend a Monday evening after a busy day at work.

I apologize in advance for the photo quality! >;;__<;;” I left my digital camera at my hotel, so I only had my iPhone. At least the camera on the iPhone 4S isn’t too bad. I brought Sidonie (Saber Extra) with me, Pink_Blaise brought her Yukino and Jez brought Tamaki with him. Aren’t they an adorable trio?

Sid, Yukino and Tamaki
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Dollfie Night Out! Small Doll Meet with TheBobness & Chef17 in Toronto

This past Monday was Thanksgiving for us in Canada, and Columbus Day in the USA so it was a long weekend. To take advantage of this, my friends TheBobness and chef17 came up to Toronto from their home cities of San Francisco and New York to visit PlasticFantastic & Sam for a few days. They wanted to meet few of our local Dollfie collectors so we had a small meet-up last Friday to hang out.
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!
Back row: Serena (DD Yuki Morikawa), PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, theBobness’ Miki, PlasticFantastic’s Asuka Langley, theBobness’ Jubei (DD Beatrice) and chef17’s Yumi (DD Mio Akiyama)
Front row: juu-yuki’s Lily and nkei’s Saber Extra

Before dinner, we first met up at Pacific Mall in Markham to walk around & do a bit of shopping.

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Rin, Aerie & Sora on the VolksUSA Blog!

A few weeks ago I took Rin, Aerie and my sister’s little boy Sora with me down to Los Angeles to the VolksUSA showroom to meet Innocentsake, her hubby David, BerzerkFuryZero, Kenny_Ngyuen and Vicky. Dandy (one of the lovely staff at VolksUSA) took lots of fun photos and they were posted a few days ago onto the store’s blog.

Check it out at the Sumika Times Blog!

– ♥ Archangeli