Mini meet-up at my house!

Today whitefrosty and Machiko came over for a little bit to hang out and play around with my dolls. Machiko’s yo-SD Sora was still at my place, but she also brought over the LUTS winter event head from last year to try out on Thaddeus’ body.

Thaddeus, Annalise and Sora look like a cute BJD family – except that Anna isn’t resin! ^__~”

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Sora Dreams of London

Last Saturday I had my sister’s little yo-SD with me when I visited the Volks USA showroom. Little Sora got very comfortable on this bench, fell asleep and had a strange dream. It must have been influenced by the Olympic Games and London themed photo-space he was relaxing in.

Sora relaxing on a bench


It’s a lovely day in merry, old England. Sora is sitting on a bridge of the Thames River in London with the London Eye slowly rotating in across the way.
Sora in London

Check it out – it’s Big Ben! And is that a red double-decker bus that just zoomed by?
Sora in London

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Welcome Home Annalise d’Archangeli (Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa)

This afternoon Serena, Rin and Médée were playing with the new London skyline blocks that I bought for them. This basically consisted of Médée ordering Serena about, and Rin supervising! >__<”

Suddenly Angry Bunny hopped in the room with some news.
Angry Bunny comes in the room

Apparently a big box has arrived! This looks interesting with all the “FRAGILE” markings all over it! Gabi and Angry Bunny brought the box into the room.
Gabi brings over a box

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Aerie & Rin visit Volks USA

Last Saturday morning I met up with fellow Dollfie Dream owners Innocentsaké, her husband David, BerzerkFuryZero, Kenny_Ngyuen and Vicky for breakfast in Torrance, California. I was in Los Angeles for a very short layover, but it was great that everyone was able to make time to come hang out!

Here are InnocentSaké’s Momoko (Volks pre-painted DDH-06), my Aerie, BerzerkFuryZero’s Shino (custom DDH-04) and Kiriha, my Rin and Vicky’s Cirno hanging out at a bus stop in “London” ! ^__^”

Momoko, Aerie, Natsuki,  Kiriha, Rin and Cirno

First things first – fuelling up! We had a gluttonous breakfast at Polly’s Pies, and then went over to the Volks USA showroom. Continue reading

Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – August 18, 2012

This past weekend a few of the Toronto Dollfie Dream owners got together for another meetup! We met up on Ward’s Island again, in the same lovely spot as our June meetup and it was a perfect day to head out to the Toronto Islands! With 16 people, this was also our largest meetup so far – both in terms of attendees and dolls! How fantastic! The theme of this meet was “Your First” – but it was left fairly open ended as to what it was your first of!


Since it was a lot of work bringing food and drinks for a full potluck lunch, we decided to meet a little later so that everyone could have lunch first and then we would have lots of desserts on the island! There was so much delicious sugary awesomeness! There were cupcakes, a coffee cakes, homemade cookies, matcha shortbread, doughnuts, candy kebabs! Oh my goodness!!

A sampling of the sweets and treats!

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Dollfie Dream Natsuki v. 2!

Volks recently re-released one of their popular Dollfie Dreams from the Akihabara Girls series – Natsuki! I entered the lottery for her on a complete whim and was completely shocked when I won! 0__0″ I’ve been known to have horrible luck with lotteries and to win was very exciting! As much as I don’t like splitting up full sets, I really wasn’t interested in keeping Natsuki since I already had her twin sister, Moe. Luckily, some friends in the hobby purchased the items I wasn’t interested in.

Natsuki arrived today, and I took a few photos of her box opening since I had to check that everything was ok.

Rin was taking advantage of the nice weather today to take some photos of Gabrielle and Moe.
Gabi, Rin & Moe hanging out
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The Story of Serena’s Smile

Several weeks ago, I brought home a beautiful Dollfie Dream that I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would own. I posted a little photo of her lovely smile and immediately people started to guess – but I wasn’t ready to reveal her story yet. The time just wasn’t right yet.

With today being the start of August, I feel that it’s time to finally introduce this precious girl – meet Serena! ♥


Around this time last year, I started planning a doll meetup in London with DD owners that I’d met over Twitter. It was a big deal for me: it was the my first time meeting other DD owners, my first time taking a DD out in public – and overseas no less!! and I was essentially meeting some casual strangers o_0″ I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what actually came to pass was an awesome little meetup in London with D.ark Dollhouse, her husband Fransgaard, Jezatron and GabrielVH, and it was the first of several wonderful meetups that we had when I had to good fortune to be in London for work. It was the success of this meeting that encouraged me to go out and meet other doll owners in my local community.

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