Mini meet-up at my house!

Today whitefrosty and Machiko came over for a little bit to hang out and play around with my dolls. Machiko’s yo-SD Sora was still at my place, but she also brought over the LUTS winter event head from last year to try out on Thaddeus’ body.

Thaddeus, Annalise and Sora look like a cute BJD family – except that Anna isn’t resin! ^__~”

Sora made friends with my ghostly Totoro. He’s a special edition from the Ghibli Museum, from the short film “Mei and the Kittenbus” that can only be viewed there.

Here’s the LUTS 2012 Summer Event limited head. He has one of the optional faceups from LUTS and looks like a dark, broody vampire.

When Thaddeus got his body back, Machiko changed his outfit into this cool Volks steampunk set. I bought it a while ago intended for him, but didn’t put him in it because I was waiting for a new wig for him. Of course, once his wig arrived I rather liked the “Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock Holmes” look he had going on so I didn’t bother to change him! Hehe – I think he looks pretty awesome in this new outfit. The tight leather pants are smoking hot!

I had asked Machiko and Alice to bring some “human” eyes to try in Anna’s head, to see how they looked. Here she is wearing a pair of 16 mm acrylic eyes – the colour is a bit off but it doesn’t look bad.

Next I tried the 16mm glass eyes that Sora was wearing. This green looks very beautiful on her and I like the glossy shine of the white part of the eye.

Of course to get Sora’s eyes out, this rather macabre scene had to occur 0__0″

Whitefrosty had to leave after a short while, but it was a nice relaxing afternoon. I managed to clean up some of my doll stuff and sort it back into it’s proper storage. A cute bunny hopped into my yard and hung out for around 20 minutes eating random weeds. So cute! ^__^”

Kevin made amusing little Toastie sandwiches for us to snack on in the mid-afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by ladies! It was nice having you over!

– ♥ Archangeli

1 thought on “Mini meet-up at my house!

  1. AHH SORA!! >___<;; LOL That picture is so scary. No wonder some people are afraid of dolls! haha..!

    The Luts head is actually the one we got a couple months ago from the Summer Event. Haha…I haven't face-up-ed the Winter one yet..that one is somewhere in my drawer O_o;

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