Sora Dreams of London

Last Saturday I had my sister’s little yo-SD with me when I visited the Volks USA showroom. Little Sora got very comfortable on this bench, fell asleep and had a strange dream. It must have been influenced by the Olympic Games and London themed photo-space he was relaxing in.

Sora relaxing on a bench


It’s a lovely day in merry, old England. Sora is sitting on a bridge of the Thames River in London with the London Eye slowly rotating in across the way.
Sora in London

Check it out – it’s Big Ben! And is that a red double-decker bus that just zoomed by?
Sora in London

London weather is so unpredictable! One moment it can be sunny and the next the sky is grey and it can start to rain!
Sora in London

The architecture is really beautiful here!
Sora in London

The House of Parliament is a really big building! I walked around it and then had to take a break.
Sora in London

The view from across the street is very nice too. You can see Big Ben and the London Eye!
Sora in London

Next to the House of Parliament is Westminster Abbey. There are many famous people buried here – but nowadays most people recognize it because Prince William married Kate Middleton here last year.
Sora in London

Whoever wrote that song about London Bridge falling down was totally wrong! There it is!
Sora in London

The Olympic Games are over, but the Paralympic Games are starting! That’s the logo mounted on the bridge.
Sora in London

Across the Thames River is the Tower of London. It’s where the Queen stores her really shiny crowns 😛
Sora in London


Hey Sora! Wake up!
I think that you spent too much time in the heat in Los Angeles! You fell asleep in the photo space!
Sora in "London"?

Omake (extra):
Hehe – I hope you enjoyed Sora’s little adventure. Here’s a photo of him at the airport in Ottawa, Canada.
Sora in Ottawa
(And in case you’re wondering, yes – Sora did indeed make a short visit to London ^__~”)

5 thoughts on “Sora Dreams of London

  1. LOL Funny how some of the pics remind of of that traveling garden gnome…
    Did I just compare Sora to a garden Gnome? >__<;;

    Hehe, thanks for taking him on a random adventure! 😀

    • Uh yeah… you totally did. He’s a very pricey little garden gnome! LOL

      It was rather fun. I think I’ll send the pics to Volks USA too – maybe they’ll post them ^__^”

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