A Small Doll Meat in Vancouver!

Last Saturday I was in beautiful Vancouver and met up with puppy52, bluestarbaby, LightningSabre, ItSid8 and Kentaro for breakfast downtown. It was a gorgeous day – and also bluestarbaby’s birthday! We met up for breakfast at De Dutch at the Vancouver Convention Centre and gorged ourselves on tasty Pannekoeken and other breakfast fare. The Vancouverites have an inside joke of calling doll meets “doll meats” – mmmm sexy meat! LOL

Meiko, Annalise, Saya and Lin at De Dutch

Cheese omlette, hash browns and toast Pannekoeken

Here is puppy52’s lovely Saya (DD Sakuya) with my Annalise (DD Rise Kujikawa) and bluestarbaby’s Volks yo-SD Lin.
Bluestarbaby's yo-SD Lin, Annalise and Saya

This pretty resin girl is LightningSabre’s Rei Ayanami, and she’s having fun a MISAKA figure and with ItSid8’s customized Miku Nenderoid hybrid ^__^”

MISAKA ended up in his fruit salad! o_0″

LightningSabre also brought his custom MEIKO Dollfie Dream. She’s on a head by SQ-LABS and her cool outfit was made by puppy52!

After breakfast we went out to the outdoor area of the convention centre to take some photos. Here’s Saya and Annalise with a bluestarbaby photobomb! ^__~”
bluestarbaby photobomb :P

Kentaro surprised us by pulling out his MDD Cirno once we were outside! Here she is with Saya and Annalise – all three of these lovely girls were released in May at the Tokyo Dolpa 27! I guess that makes them sisters, of a sort! ^__^”

MEIKO came out to enjoy the pretty view of the mountains too.
Saya, Meiko, Annalise and Cirno!

Then we moved to the outdoor Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron to take a nice group photo. This proved more difficult than we originally planned because as soon as we got the dolls posed, a busload of tourists arrived and sat at the edge of the cauldron’s fountain! We had to wait for them to leave, as well as they occasional tourist that photobombed us! It was also very sunny so we had to use an umbrella to block some of the harsh light, and then a reflector to brighten up some of the shadows! It was totally a group effort!
Annalise, MEIKO, Saya and Cirno at the Olympic Cauldron

Along the edge of the area where the Olympic Cauldron is are some permanent loungers where people were reading and enjoying the sun. Here are the girls relaxing in the sunshine! And you can see the cool “Digital Orca” statue in the background.
Saya, Cirno, MEIKO and Annalise

Annalise and Saya really liked hanging out together.
Saya & Annalise

We took the girls on a little wander along the promenade and found this interesting teardrop sculpture.
Saya, MEIKO, Cirno and Annalise in Vancouver

Shortly afterward we all went our separate ways. Most people had plans since it was a long weekend! I went for a short walk downtown and came across this …er… interesting… vehicle! (I actually saw it a few years ago, but it seems to have accumulated more “stuff” on it now).

Once I got back to the hotel, Annalise wanted to show off her presents! LightningSabre gave me a autographed postcard from Maridah, and puppy52 gave me some stickers featuring her girls Blue and Paw!
Annalise with presents!

I remembered to take a group photo of our outing this time! It was awesome to see everyone again! Thank you all for coming out so early in the morning to hang out! I always love coming to Vancouver and this meetup made my short visit even more awesome!
L-R: LightningSabre, Archangeli, bluestarbaby, puppy52, Kentaro, ItSid8

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra):
I got flashed by Rei!
Rei's pantsu

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