Dollfie Dream Natsuki v. 2!

Volks recently re-released one of their popular Dollfie Dreams from the Akihabara Girls series – Natsuki! I entered the lottery for her on a complete whim and was completely shocked when I won! 0__0″ I’ve been known to have horrible luck with lotteries and to win was very exciting! As much as I don’t like splitting up full sets, I really wasn’t interested in keeping Natsuki since I already had her twin sister, Moe. Luckily, some friends in the hobby purchased the items I wasn’t interested in.

Natsuki arrived today, and I took a few photos of her box opening since I had to check that everything was ok.

Rin was taking advantage of the nice weather today to take some photos of Gabrielle and Moe.
Gabi, Rin & Moe hanging out

Suddenly, Angry Bunny hopped over and interrupted them!
Angry Bunny hops over and interrupts

Moe: What’s up Bunny?
Angry Bunny: Look! A big box just showed up!
Gabrielle: Oooh! It’s “Fragile!” I wonder what’s inside?
Angry Bunny: Look! Another box has arrived!

Rin: I can take pictures with my Canon DSLR and document!
Rin is excited as she'll get to take pics with her camera!
(I recently changed Rin’s default eyes for these vibrant blue ones from Kurokami – do you guys like them?)

It’s Natsuki version 2!
It's Natsuki!

Gabi and Moe are super excited since Natsuki is one of the “Akihabara Girls” like them! She also came with this “Natsuki Going Out” outfit set, but since this is Mitsuki’s I didn’t open it. I just did a visual check to make sure there was a L shoe and R shoe – LOL! Interestingly, the blazer is a cream colour and not white like I originally expected.
Natsuki in her box, and  her "Going Out" set.

Here is all the stuff that was in her box. I got distracted by the pretty outfit and left her papers in the box – oops!
Stuff in Natsuki's box

Since Natsuki had a long journey to make from Japan to me, her body was wrapped up in bubble wrap. This was a bit unusual since my Sabers didn’t have this extra bubble wrap layer, and the dolls I’ve seen at the Volks showroom don’t have this. You can usually see their faces through the window at the front of the box – but I’m not going to complain about extra protection!
Natsuki mummy

After removing the layer of bubble wrap, Natsuki was wrapped in the plastic that I’m more accustomed to seeing DD’s shipped in. Here’s her lovely face peering up at me. She has very pretty eyes.
Natsuki's Face

Here’s Natsuki with Gabi and Moe.
Natsuki with Gabi and Moe

Here’s a better photo of her faceup now that she’s out of the plastic!

Here’s Natsuki’s Default outfit all laid out. There are so many little bits and pieces to this set!
Natsuki's Default outfit laid out
I pulled out my “Natsuki Aternate wig” for some fun, since Uriko has purchased the default wig from me. I didn’t want to open it and mess it up- I’ll let her play with that.

Here are some observations I’ve made about Natsuki’s default outfit:
Observations of Natsuki's Default outfit
– The inside of the blazer is lined, but the inside of the sleeves are not.
– Inside of the red halter top is lined in white, but there are red and black threads that can still touch the body
– The black halter that layers on top of the red halter is not lined. It’s just cotton jersey and the halter-neck strap touches the doll directly.
– Inside of the skirt is lined in white
– BLACK panties!! Oh Volks… what are you thinking?!
– The black arm-warmer is cotton jersey. Will probably stain…
– Red wrist cuff is lined in red.
– Garters are attached to the socks. There is a little bronze square stud on each stocking.
– The elastic lace that the garters are made of is the same stuff I put on my dolls as chokers from time to time. It’s pretty safe as far as staining, but since the black & red socks may stain I don’t recommend putting them on the doll without a bodystocking.
– The black boots are completely unlined. Even the soles on the inside are black.
– There is enough room to zip up the boots with a bodystocking and the black & red default socks. Just zip slowly so that the socks don’t get caught in the zipper!
– The inside of the neck choker is lined in white. However, where Moe v.2’s choker attached with a snap, Natsuki v.2’s attaches with a metal hook and eye. I wonder what prompted this change. I guess the choker looks more “seamless” now. The snap left quite a big bulge at the back of the neck, but was easier to put on and remove. The hook & eye is more finicky but at least they put the metal eye and not a wretched dinky piece of thread >__<” (Volks does this often with many of their outfits for a smoother fit. It looks nice, but it’s annoying!)

[Update: October 1, 2012: I’ve had Rin wearing this outfit for almost 2 months straight and it didn’t leave any stains, however I didn’t test the panties or the black arm warmer]

Here’s Natsuki all dressed up in her awesome default outfit! She really is a pretty redhead!

Akihabara Girls: Akira, Moe & Natsuki! I suppose it would have been more apt to dress Gabi in her “Akira” default set, but I really don’t like the look of it! >__<”
Akihabara Girls: Akira, Moe & Natsuki!

“Version 2’s” – just Moe and Natsuki!
Moe v.2 and Natsuki v.2

Even though Moe and Natsuki have the same head sculpt, the subtleties in their faceup make them look very different. Natsuki looks more mature while Moe looks more cute and innocent.
Moe v.2 and Natsuki v.2

Here’s a side-by-side of Moe and Natsuki without their wigs. I like Natsuki’s eye makeup more than Moe’s. Her blushing is peach, where Moe’s is pink. The golden eyebrows on Natsuki work nicely with her auburn wig. I’m glad Volks didn’t paint them RED.
Moe v.2 and Natsuki v.2

They are both lovely in their own way. I hope Natsuki’s new owner will be pleased with her – she’s very pretty! For now, I have her packed away again until I can ship her head out next week.
Moe v.2 and Natsuki v.2

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra!)
Natsuki wearing a Real Red wig from Leeke. She looks awesome!
Natsuki in Leeke Real Red

2 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream Natsuki v. 2!

    • Hehe – her awesome little Louboutin’s?
      They are from Tata’s Paradise – but I had to paint the soles red with nail enamel because the website photos lied to me!
      The pics on the site look red, but in person they were metallic and magenta! T__T”

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