Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – August 18, 2012

This past weekend a few of the Toronto Dollfie Dream owners got together for another meetup! We met up on Ward’s Island again, in the same lovely spot as our June meetup and it was a perfect day to head out to the Toronto Islands! With 16 people, this was also our largest meetup so far – both in terms of attendees and dolls! How fantastic! The theme of this meet was “Your First” – but it was left fairly open ended as to what it was your first of!


Since it was a lot of work bringing food and drinks for a full potluck lunch, we decided to meet a little later so that everyone could have lunch first and then we would have lots of desserts on the island! There was so much delicious sugary awesomeness! There were cupcakes, a coffee cakes, homemade cookies, matcha shortbread, doughnuts, candy kebabs! Oh my goodness!!

A sampling of the sweets and treats!

Photo by: Machiko

I’ve tried to remember every doll’s “first” story, but if I’ve made a mistake somewhere, I’m sorry – and please let me know so I can correct it!

I brought Siobhán because she’s my first (and so far, my only) white skin Dollfie Dream. She’s a DD Saber Alter v.2 – and although I was a bit paranoid about bringing her with her intricate default wig, it traveled very well and she looked beautiful.

I also brought Serena because she’s the most dear to me. She is a DD Yuki Morikawa.
Rin & Serena

Hubby brought Rin Tohsaka, who was the first DD he ever wanted, making her his first “unicorn” acquisition, even though she is our most recent addition to our doll family. He also brought Aerie, who was his birthday present from me last year – and the first DD we were able to to buy directly from Volks!

Médée – who is my first mini Dollfie Dream, jumped into my doll bag and came along too. She’s a custom HDD-01 head painted by Machiko. Get it – 01 head? First? Hahaha! 😛
Little M

This is PlasticFantastic’s Elle – a Yukino v.1 with Kurokami eyes. Elle was PF’s first Dollfie Dream.

This is PlasticFantastic’s lovely Nia. Nia was the first DD that PF really wanted, and after a full year’s layaway she’s finally home. Isn’t she lovely with these lavender eyes?
PlasticFantastic's Nia

Little Maya was PF’s first MDD, and like my Médée she is also a custom 01 head.

Pf’s hubby, Sam, brought Yoko who is his first DD.

Visiting us from Washington, DC is misskale’s lovely Lisette (DD Rise Kujikawa). It’s her first time visiting Toronto, which is where misskale attended university.

Juu-yuki brought her lovely Airi, a DD Rina – who she recently repainted. She was juu-yuki’s first unicorn doll.
Airi (Rina)

Kai-suteki brought a couple of girls with her, but this is Tai – her first Dollfie Dream. Tai has had quite the adventure in modifications so far! She used to be cappuccino coloured and now is normal-skin again and she’s had her face modified and re-painted several times. It’s like every time we see Tai at a meet she has a completely different new look!

Meo brought Lilia, the first from the Azone Black Raven series. I love her outfit!
Azone Black Raven Lilia

He also brought his little Pi-chan, a 1:6 scale Obitsu doll. She was his first doll, which he got to see if he liked them and from there his love for the hobby grew!

Di-chan123 brought Shana, a MDD Louise, who was her her first MDD unicorn doll.

She also brought Harley (DD Moe) who was her first ever Dollfie Dream.
Kairi and Harley

With Harley in the photo above is is Kairi, who is a custom-painted HDD-04 head. She belongs to Tanu-chan, and is a hybrid doll at the moment because she’s waiting for the MDD bodies to come back in stock! >__<”

Machiko brought 3 of her adorable tiny resin girls with her to our meet. This is Delilah, her first tiny-sized resin doll. She’s a DollnDoll “Mo” with a special face-up from an event last December.

This is Lareine, a Rosen Lied “Sage” sculpt in a limited girl version. It was Machiko’s first white-skin resin doll.

This little dude is Sora, a Volks Yo-SD Kakeru sculpt. He’s Machiko’s first tiny boy – and he was the only male doll at our meet.
Sora (Volks Yo-SD Kakeru)

As a result, he had quite the harem of girls around him!
Sora's Harem!

Nkei brought a couple of her beautiful white-skin girls with her to the meet. This is Kohane, a DD Nia, who was the first doll that she fell in love with.
nkei's Winter (DD Nia)

This is Winter, a DD White Christmas Alna. She was nkei’s first complete DD girl and came with a strange glittery faceup from her previous owner, so she was repainted by juu-yuki, making her nkei’s first custom DD girl as well ^__^”
nkei's Winter

AgentPanda brought her cute MDD Penny. Although AgentPanda has collected BJD’s for quite some time, Penny was her first foray into Dollfie Dreams. Penny is a custom HDD-06 head, and sometimes masquerades as a chibi version of Momiji, Anime North’s mascot!
AgentPanda's Penny

She also brought this adorable limited SOOM resin doll – it was her first SOOM doll and isn’t that sleepy neko face adorable?
Sleepy Soom kitty

It was really lovely hearing everyone’s stories behind their dolls, because it’s these stories that make the dolls extra special.

I wasn’t able to take one large photo of all the dolls together – but hopesfully this gives you an idea of our epic doll gathering!
August Dollfie Dream Meetup!

I took a couple of photos of nkei’s Alna sculpt and misskale’s Rise sculpt to compare their noses. These 2 sculpts have the most distinctive noses of all the Dollfie Dream sculpts. Front view – very different since Rise has nostrils.
Compare Alna & Rise's noses

In profile both of them have very “tall” and pointy noses.
Comparing Alna & Rise's noses

I spent some time in the afternoon taking a few photos of the girls. Here are a few of my favourites from the afternoon:

Serena showing off a pretty garden on the island.

There were Black-Eyed Susans growing everywhere.

Siobhán on the lake. It’s quite difficult to photograph the white-skinned vinyl in the sun, so I’m going to have to practice a bit more.

Aerie enjoying the lovely afternoon weather.

Lareine, Sora and Delilah with the Toronto skyline.

Photo by: Machiko

Machiko’s little ones are tired and don’t want to take any more pictures! >__<”
Delilah, Lareine and Sora

Elle and Médée in co-ordinating lolita outfits!
Elle & Médée!
Photo by: PlasticFantastic

I had a wonderful time at the meetup and it’s always great great to have new faces join us – so a special shout out to Tanu-Chan and MrCool00236 who joined us for the first time! I took quite a few photos at the meet and if you’d like to see all of them, check out this set on my Flickr.

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra):
PlasticFantastic took Louise and Médée home to fix up their floppy feet. Here are 7 dolls packed into 2 bags! 0_0″
2 bags- 7 dolls! 0__0"

And Machiko’s little space adventurers packed for their voyage home!
Tiff's travelling space adventurers?!

7 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – August 18, 2012

    • Hi Alex!
      They aren’t secret at all – and you’re welcome to join us. We usually pick the dates and plan them online on the forum. If you’re not already a member there, join and say hi!

      • yaaay thank you ^^ I’m hoping the rumors are true and volks restocks their DD bodies soon, THEN I WILL BE PART OF THE SPECIAL CLUB X)

      • Well, the new “standard model” girls get released on Volks International Oct 20th (Japan time) so that should help 🙂

        Even if you don’t have a DD yet and would like to hang out, you’re still welcome to come. Sometimes seeing them in person helps to decide who you’d like to try to go after! ^__^”

  1. Some day I’ll have to come to Toronto to go to a meetup 🙂 I’m currently waiting on my FIRST Dollfie Dream, so when she’s in, I’ll definitely want to show her off ❤

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