What Hinata Came Home To . . . (Welcome Home DD Rin Tohsaka!)

This past Thursday evening I met up with some Japanophile friends for dinner in London, UK. Fransgaard, Jezatron, GabrielVH, CookieDude_2332, UiNeonskittles and I met up at a fantastic sushi restaurant in Camden called Asakusa. I had been hoping to take time to fly to London in June to attend the memorial doll meetup for our late friend D.ark Dollhouse, but circumstances were against me and I couldn’t get the time off work. It was really nice to just hang out with these guys again. Gabe and I had brought a couple of DD’s with us but the restaurant was so crowded and busy that it didn’t seem appropriate to bring out our girls. Instead, Mr. Snuggles popped out to visit –
Deserts, triforks and @archangeli's cat #camden #london
Photo by: fransgaard

Hinata and Mr. Snuggles settled in for a good nights rest before traveling home (in my suitcase >__<“)

When Hinata woke up, she was already home! She slept the whole way home from London!

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 21, 2012

This past weekend a few of the local Dollfie Dream owners met up for lunch and a doll meetup. We had the optional theme of “Default Day” for the doll meet – so hopefully a few people would bring some of their girls in default outfit sets!
Dollfie Dream meetup in Toronto
Here we have Meo’s Tamaki (wearing her default set!), kai-suteki’s Tai, PlasticFantastic’s custom HDD06 Madeleine and my Moe both wearing the Moe v.2 default outfit (yay twinsies!), PlasticFantastic’s White Christmas Alna in her default, T-Rho’s Maeve (Alna wearing her default outfit), my Sidonie (Saber Extra) in her steampunk outfit (sorry, I wasn’t about to bring her out in her Saber default outfit >__<“) and juu-yuki’s Sakura wearing Neris’ default outfit.
Sitting on the top row are Machiko’s Volks MSD Zephyria, PlasticFantastic’s Cirno and AgentPanda’s Penny!

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A Cryptic Smile

A cryptic smile

Only a handful of people know about this very unexpected adoption into my Dollfie Dream family.

I’m not quite ready to announce her yet, since I’m still a bit in shock about the fact that she’s mine.
There’s a very special story attached to her, making her extremely precious to me.

So for now, make what you will if this girl’s lovely smile.
She knows something, and she’s not telling.

– ♥ Archangeli

Fashion Friday: Ruby & Sapphire

I’ve been meaning to make these Fashion Friday posts more regular, but the last one was months ago! >__<” I guess better late than never? Here are the lovely Sidonie and Lily showing off a couple of beautiful dresses from Volks.

Sidonie & Lily
They are the Night Blue Dress (released November 2011) and Wine Red Party Dress (released June 2012) and although they are fancy cocktail dresses they are well suited to a warm summer’s evening party.

The beautiful red satin of this dress drapes beautifully on Sidonie and looks so elegant. The hemline is asymmetrical giving the dress a modern twist. The inside of the bodice and the straps are lined in white to prevent staining on the doll, but the lower part of the bodice isn’t – which I thought was a silly oversight.

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Doll Family: July 2012 Portrait

With the addition of three new dolls to my doll family last week I felt it was time to take an updated photo of my doll family. Here are my girls having a welcoming party for Thaddeus, Siobhán and Sidonie!

July Group shot

My goodness how my collection grown in the past year and a half!

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Assembling a Dollfie Dream Sister Body

Volks has been very slow in re-stocking the Dollfie Dream DDII base bodies for many months, so I went ahead and decided to piece together a Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) body myself. The DDS is actually my favourite of the body types right now – I like the size, the posing ability and it’s not as tall and lanky as the new DDIII bodies. If you’re interested in doing this yourself, it’s not cheap since you have to purchase all the body pieces from Volks, and hopefully they will all be in stock >__<”

To build a complete body you will need:

  • a Dollfie Dream head (not pictured)
  • DDS-BF-01 / Upper Torso Internal Frame [usually out of stock, so be patient for this!]
  • DDS bust – DDS-B-01 / M Bust (although DDII bust pieces will bit too, which is why the Shapely-L bust is in this photo)
  • DDS-A-01 / Arms (sold as a pair)
  • DDS-W-01 / Waist & lower torso
  • DDS-HL-01 / Thighs (sold as a pair)
  • DDS-LL-01 / Shins (sold as a pair)
  • DDS-FO-01 / Feet (sold as a pair)
  • hands (many options shown, but you only need one pair to complete the body)

Assembling a Dollfie Dream Sister

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It’s a boy! It’s a boy! Welcome home Thaddeus d’Archangeli

It’s been a very busy week in the Archangeli household! A few months ago, I started a layaway purchase for one of my dream dolls – a Volks Yukinojo Sawaragi and he finally arrived today! Gabrielle was up early and noticed this big box sitting in the hallway. Angry Bunny wasn’t amused since it was in his way!
1 - Hey Angry Bunny! What's this big box doing here?

Gabi being a good little girl moved the big box into the room so that it was out of the way, and there was more space to open it.
2 - Let's move it over to the bigger part of the room

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