Fashion Friday: Ruby & Sapphire

I’ve been meaning to make these Fashion Friday posts more regular, but the last one was months ago! >__<” I guess better late than never? Here are the lovely Sidonie and Lily showing off a couple of beautiful dresses from Volks.

Sidonie & Lily
They are the Night Blue Dress (released November 2011) and Wine Red Party Dress (released June 2012) and although they are fancy cocktail dresses they are well suited to a warm summer’s evening party.

The beautiful red satin of this dress drapes beautifully on Sidonie and looks so elegant. The hemline is asymmetrical giving the dress a modern twist. The inside of the bodice and the straps are lined in white to prevent staining on the doll, but the lower part of the bodice isn’t – which I thought was a silly oversight.


Summer evenings can still get cool so Lily has accessorized her dress with a lovely fur collar that matches her headband beautifully. This dress is beautifully fitted for a more modest bust and the sweetheart neckline is very flattering. The dress has a bubble skirt, giving it a slight whimsical feel. There is a subtle black lace trim along the neckline which makes it easier to pair this dress with some nice black shoes.

Jewel tones are universally flattering on everyone. These dresses make Sid and Lily look like glittering gems – a ruby and a sapphire!
Sidonie & Lily

Ruby & Sapphire

– ♥ Archangeli

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