Doll Family: July 2012 Portrait

With the addition of three new dolls to my doll family last week I felt it was time to take an updated photo of my doll family. Here are my girls having a welcoming party for Thaddeus, Siobhán and Sidonie!

July Group shot

My goodness how my collection grown in the past year and a half!

Back row: Melisande (Volks DD Yukino v.2), Thaddeus (Volks SD16 Yukinojo Sawaragi), Alisanne (Volks SD16 Daria), Sidonie (Volks DD Saber Extra);
Middle row: Yukiko (Volks MSD Miisha), Médée (Volks custom DDH-01), Siobhán (Volks DD Saber Alter), Aerie (Volks DD Aerie), Lily, (Volks DD Saber Lily), Hinata (Volks DD Shino), Moe (Volks DD Moe v.2)
Front: Gabrielle (Volks DDS Akira)

Naughty Mr. Snuggles is sitting on the table!

[missing is KOS-MOS (Volks custom DDH-02) – she’s off visiting my sister again for an upgrade ^__~”]

2 thoughts on “Doll Family: July 2012 Portrait

  1. Wow, lots of new girls this year.. haha.. I shouldn’t laugh, my family got big FAST as well. I think my favorite out of the bunch is Lily and Gabrielle. What wigs are they using anyways? Very nice ^^

    • Yes, it’s never just ONE doll >__<" And now I have a boy too!

      Gabi is wearing a Miruya wig that I bought for really cheap at Mandarake. She just looks really cute in peach twin-tails. I have another Volks ones that I sometimes put on her, but the Miruya one is easier to take care of.

      Lily's wig is a Leeke one if I remember right. Ringlets are hell to maintain! There's a fine line between curls and frizz monster @__@" lol

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