What Hinata Came Home To . . . (Welcome Home DD Rin Tohsaka!)

This past Thursday evening I met up with some Japanophile friends for dinner in London, UK. Fransgaard, Jezatron, GabrielVH, CookieDude_2332, UiNeonskittles and I met up at a fantastic sushi restaurant in Camden called Asakusa. I had been hoping to take time to fly to London in June to attend the memorial doll meetup for our late friend D.ark Dollhouse, but circumstances were against me and I couldn’t get the time off work. It was really nice to just hang out with these guys again. Gabe and I had brought a couple of DD’s with us but the restaurant was so crowded and busy that it didn’t seem appropriate to bring out our girls. Instead, Mr. Snuggles popped out to visit –
Deserts, triforks and @archangeli's cat #camden #london
Photo by: fransgaard

Hinata and Mr. Snuggles settled in for a good nights rest before traveling home (in my suitcase >__<“)

When Hinata woke up, she was already home! She slept the whole way home from London!

Hinata takes a moment to stretch out after being cooped up in my suitcase.

Then she spots a big box in the living room! What on earth could this be?
Hinata finds a big box 0__0"

I brought the box downstairs so that Hinata would have more space to open up the box. Angry Bunny hopped over to see what was going on.

That colour yellow looks awfully familiar – could it be another Dollfie Dream?
Hinata opens up the box

The noise draws Gabrielle over to investigate too.
Gabi & Hinata with Rin's Box

It’s Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night!
All wrapped up...

Here she is with all her default items: her wig, outfit, socks and shoes.
Rin unboxed, with her "stuff"

She looks so cute in her school uniform! The inside of her red top is lined in white, and so is her skirt. There are wires in her skirt so it is poseable, which is really cool! Her socks have stained her feet, so I’ll have to do some stain removal treatments on her.
Gabi & Hinata welcome home Rin!

DD Tohsaka Rin was one of the first DD’s that Kevin (the hubby) really fell in love with, and we’ve been keeping our eyes out for her for some time. I adopted Rin through layaway from another DD owner, and I can tell that she was very loved and taken out on lots of adventures – she’s a bit dirty! 0__0″ I’ll have to clean her up a little bit, and eventually treat some of the minor stains on her legs and feet (I sense a tutorial coming!), but since I was losing daylight I called it a day. I’ll take more pictures of Rin soon! ^__^”

– ♥ Archangeli

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