Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 21, 2012

This past weekend a few of the local Dollfie Dream owners met up for lunch and a doll meetup. We had the optional theme of “Default Day” for the doll meet – so hopefully a few people would bring some of their girls in default outfit sets!
Dollfie Dream meetup in Toronto
Here we have Meo’s Tamaki (wearing her default set!), kai-suteki’s Tai, PlasticFantastic’s custom HDD06 Madeleine and my Moe both wearing the Moe v.2 default outfit (yay twinsies!), PlasticFantastic’s White Christmas Alna in her default, T-Rho’s Maeve (Alna wearing her default outfit), my Sidonie (Saber Extra) in her steampunk outfit (sorry, I wasn’t about to bring her out in her Saber default outfit >__<“) and juu-yuki’s Sakura wearing Neris’ default outfit.
Sitting on the top row are Machiko’s Volks MSD Zephyria, PlasticFantastic’s Cirno and AgentPanda’s Penny!

We met up at Manpuku in the Village by the Grange for lunch and I ordered the unatama-don (BBQ eel and egg on rice). I forgot to take a group photo of us at lunch, so here’s a photo of my food and the gigantic bottle of Ramuné soda!

After lunch we moved out into the food court area of the Village by the Grange and set up the dolls under the skylights and planters. Although natural lighting is great, there were some odd shadows being cast on the dolls. Poor Tai is being completely washed out here! >__<”
Sakura, Tamaki and Tai

Sam tried to help by holding up my umbrella –
Sam using the umbrella to shade the dolls! :P

But then Machiko figured out how to balance the umbrella to the tree! Clever! ^__~”
Tiff & Sam propping up the umbrella in a tree

Here are Maddy & Moe making nyan-nyan neko-paws.
Twinsies! Maddy & Moe

Little Cirno looks so adorable in her ‘original’ outfit.

Meo’s Tamaki was getting into some mischief with this little nekos!
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto
Photo by: Alvis_D

Here are Junslr’s girls Akiha and Kyoko that are visiting T-Rho.
Junslr's Akiha visiting us ^__^"Junslr's Kyoko visiting T-Rho

T-Rho also brought her Yoko and Neris, and a cute little Mamachapp doll.
Yoko, Neris & Mamachapp!

Kai-suteki also brought her lovely Iplehouse resin girl, named Shiera. Here she is soaking in some summer sunshine –
Shiera in the sun

It eventually got a bit too warm for comfort under the glass roof so we headed out to the nearby Grange Park and settled down at a picnic table.
Out in the park
Photo by: Machiko

Cirno is cuddling up with Sakura.
Cirno cuddling up with Sakura

Tai is looking super fierce in her sunglasses ^__~”
Tai looking fer-osh!

It was lots of fun just hanging out and chatting, but there were some nice buildings in the park that made for some lovely photos. We took advantage of them and here are some of my favourites:

Cirno & Sidonie


Dollfie Dream meetup in Toronto
Photo by: NyanChoco

You can check out the rest of my photos from the meetup on my Flickr in this set.

It was a lovely summer day and it was great to see everyone again!

– ♥ Archangeli

6 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 21, 2012

    • We left it open ended – “Default” but not necessarily that DD’s default ^__~”
      I was tempted to bring Mélisande wearing her Volks Charlotte set, but she’s worn that to a couple of meetups already >__<"

      If I didn't have to take the subway, I might have considered bringing Sidonie in her Saber Extra gear, but it's too much "stuff" to lug around. So I brought her in what she was wearing – which happened to be her steampunk outfit! 😛

  1. So many lovely dollfies! ♥ They should make boy dollfies too! (Or maybe not LOL)! Somehow it looks like the umbrella is being balanced on the head LOL!

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