Mélisande & Gabrielle meet the Pygmalion Society of London

My sister and I are London, England right now, and luckily for us, our visit coincided with a get-together of the Pygmalion Society! They are the local doll collectors who meet up on the last Sunday of every month, usually organized through the Den of Angel forum. I’ve been hoping for almost a year to be able to attend one of these meets so I was very excited that my schedule allowed me to attend! I would have loved to bring a resin girl with me, but I was travelling light so I opted to bring a couple of DD girls since they are easier to transport.

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Showcased on the VolksUSA Blog!

Last Saturday VolksUSA released some items from the DD October Gathering, and they posted some photos of Gabrielle, her sisters and PlasticFantastic’s Yuki to show off a couple of the outfits.

Check it out on the Sumika Times Blog in these entries!

Customer Gallery ~ DD Fashion Show!
Gabrielle, and PlasticFantastic's Yuki on the VolksUSA Blog

Customer Gallery ~ DD Fashion Show Part 2!
My girls on the Volks USA Blog

Mini-meet at whitefrosty’s!

I went to visit whitefrosty and her friend KTCY today because I had a few things to pick up from a group order she placed for me a few weeks ago. Since KTCY ordered a Crobidoll B-Line doll for herself I was quite surprised how quickly the whole shipment took to arrive! I think I’ve heard too many horror stories about Soom dolls taking up to 6 months to arrives >__>”

This was the first time I’ve brought any of my resin dolls out with me, but whitefrosty really loves Alisanne so I decided I’d bring her along. I was really nervous so I took a lot of care in packing her up: I wrapped her hands in bubble wrap, put on her face-guard and put her in her pillow from Volks before putting her into my Volks doll carrier bag. There was still room, so Gabrielle jumped in too!

Here’s whitefrosty’s Kaede, KTCY’s B-Line Yuri, named Tatsuya, Alisanne and Gabrielle.

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – January 14, 2012

Yesterday a few Dollfie Dream owners met up for lunch and to show off their dolls. I’d previously attended a meetup organized on the GTA Dolls forum, but it was mostly resin owners and PlasticFantastic and I really wanted to try to organizes something for the Dollfie Dream owners. Most of us met up first at Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery for some delicious udon and rice-bowl goodness before heading out to the food court area in Village by the Grange.

Here are some of the dishes we had: Niku Udon, Curry Vegetable Don,
Niku udon (beef) at Manpuku Curry vegetable don at Manpuku
Natto Udon, Wakame Udon,
Natto udon at Manpuku Wakame udon at Manpuku
Una-tama don (BBQ eel with egg on rice) and takoyaki
Unagi tama don at Manpuku Takoyaki

After stuffing ourselves silly we didn’t have to go far to the food court area where we quickly took over a nice area underneath the skylight to take advantage of the sun, and set up our dolls. Here are the DD & MDD girls that PlasticFantastic, Di-Chan123 and I brought with us-
Dollfie Dream group shot :)
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Figure Displays Tips Part 2: Think Up!

A while back, I shared some tips on how to use acrylic risers to improve figure displays and I wanted to do a continuation of that post. I have a few 1:4 and 1:6 scale statues in my collection that I love, but each of them independently is too tall to fit into a shelf in my Ikea Detolf cases. The quickest solution is to just remove one of the glass shelves, but in the instance of my Volks Belldandy & Holy Bell statue, she only needs a couple of more inches in order to fit so it creates a large area of dead space over her.

If you’re living in a relatively small space, like I do, every inch of display area is precious so it really bothered me to have almost an entire shelf rendered unusable. This is when an idea came to Kevin: since we couldn’t stand the figures on a shelf, why not suspend them from the top? In theory it seemed like a great idea, but we needed to use something very strong but not too thick because we wanted to create the illusion of the figures floating. Strength was important because if anything fell, it could end up damaging a very expensive statue underneath it. He was inspired by some of the jewellery I used to make, and decided to experiment using nylon-coated steel beading wire and crimping beads. The steel wire has a tensile strength of upwards of 50 lbs and wouldn’t cause any damage to the figures being suspended from them. After a few years, we switched out the steel beading wire and used fishing line instead (which has an incredible tensile strength, varying depending on what kind you buy!) because it’s more transparent and looked much cleaner.

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Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! This past year has been an amazing one, for certain. For one thing, I started collecting Dollfie Dreams and resin BJD’s! I’ve made lots of wonderful new friends all over the world that are also interested in this hobby, and had the opportunity to meet some of these wonderful people in person!

I’ve been working nonstop this holiday season, and haven’t had time to prepare something for New Years, so here is a previously unpublished photo of Mélisande at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo. I wish all of you all the best for 2012 and may it be even better than 2011! ♥