Mini-meet at whitefrosty’s!

I went to visit whitefrosty and her friend KTCY today because I had a few things to pick up from a group order she placed for me a few weeks ago. Since KTCY ordered a Crobidoll B-Line doll for herself I was quite surprised how quickly the whole shipment took to arrive! I think I’ve heard too many horror stories about Soom dolls taking up to 6 months to arrives >__>”

This was the first time I’ve brought any of my resin dolls out with me, but whitefrosty really loves Alisanne so I decided I’d bring her along. I was really nervous so I took a lot of care in packing her up: I wrapped her hands in bubble wrap, put on her face-guard and put her in her pillow from Volks before putting her into my Volks doll carrier bag. There was still room, so Gabrielle jumped in too!

Here’s whitefrosty’s Kaede, KTCY’s B-Line Yuri, named Tatsuya, Alisanne and Gabrielle.

Kaede is such a pretty boy – he has such lovely features and a sweet face-up. I think his size would make a good addition to my family… someday. With his blue-green eyes and plump lips he looks like he could be Alisanne’s long lost brother.

Here are the mini’s and tinies sitting on a side table. Aren’t they cute? You might recognize whitefrosty’s Yukio and Myles from the meetup we had downtown over the weekend.

These two boys are Louis and Mishka. Louis just got back from the “spa” a few weeks ago and looks fresh-faced and charming.

Tatsuya has a very serious, brooding look to him. He’s really huge too! I think he’d be too big to fit into my doll family…

I mean, just look at his torso! It’s as big as the yo-SD’s! 0__0″ (This was an extra “un-jointed” torso that was included with the doll as part of the Winter event).

Here they are all standing together. I’d love to get myself a yo-SD someday – they are so adorable! They come up to Alisanne’s knee-cap! LOL

Gabrielle, did you drink too much wine? You can barely stand up!

Myles is photobombing again!

I’ll write a review of the items that I ordered later on. Thanks for having me and my girls over to visit whitefrosty! See you soon! ^__^”

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