Happy Lunar New Year 2012!

Today is the new year in the lunar calendar, or commonly referred to as Chinese New Year. 2012 will ring in the Year of the Dragon, a very auspicious year. Lily, Moe and Aerie have dressed up in beautiful kimono to celebrate together!

It’s been snowing rather steadily the past few days and I took advantage of the crisp white snow to take a few photos of Lily outside. I think she looks gorgeous in herĀ Umemurasaki kimono even if it is very cold out right now.

Here is Lily performing an elegant dance while snow gently driftts. She is a vision of loveliness!

The days are slowly getting longer, and even though it’s very cold an bleak, there are still little reminders here and there that spring is around the corner.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I hope the year of the Dragon brings you lots of luck, health and prosperity!

4 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year 2012!

    • Two of them are from the Volks Kobe DP last year. The one that Moe is wearing is an Infinite Love kimono that I picked up at Dollfie World in Hong Kong a few months ago. I was waiting for the right time to open it up, and I was quite impressed with the quality.

      The Volks ones are quite idiot-proof, but for the IW one I had to consult one of my friends on how to properly tuck and fold the kimono so that it fit properly! ^__^”

  1. Lovely photos, especially with the snow landscape and the DD girls look fabulous in those kimono. ^^

    Have those 2 Volks kimino as well and they’re great. Also indeed quite easy to use.

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