Video: Live staining demonstration!

Hi friends! This is kind of a follow up to the Stain Treatment video that I made a few months ago. I am going to demonstrate how fast and horrible staining can occur! T___T”

I’m using Sasara Kusugawa (version 1)’s default outfit, which is a notorious and known stain monster.

I always take very good care of my dolls and this “experiment” was the first time I’ve ever had anything stained so much and so intensely. (In order for the stains to show up on video clearly they actually look much worse in person T__T”) I should mention that I haven’t washed or soaked either the Saber Maid or Sasara’s outfits because they are known to continually leech black dye even after repeated washings and it will discolour the white parts of the outfit and give them a bluish tint. If you own these either of these outfits, you’re welcome to wash them but I’ve made the choice not to because I’d rather keep the outfits pristine in case I decide to sell them someday.

I’ve started filming the [Before] part of the stain removal so you can see how effective the Volks Dream Rescue cream is and I’ll post the results in a couple of days.

Err…. enjoy? *cringe*

Dec. 10, 2015 – Update:

Here’s the video showing the stain treatment using the Dream Rescue cream. It’s not a miracle product, but it does work very well.

– ♥ Archangeli

花見 ~ Hanami 2014 – Part 1

(Note – May 30, 2014: I realized that this post has been in “Draft” format for over a year! Ooops! Since the weather was so poor this spring, maybe it was a good thing I delayed this post since I feel like I missed out on springtime this year. Enjoy these lovely photos!)

Hanami literally means “flower viewing” and although it traditionally applies to the spring viewing of cherry blossoms (sakura), it can also apply to plum blossoms (ume) or other flowering trees in the springtime. I had hoped to visit High Park this year, but alas this past winter was one of the coldest on record! The trees bloomed very late this year and didn’t last for long. Instead, I’m sharing these previously unseen photos from when PlasticFantastic and Sam came over to my house to hang out last spring, and we took some lovely photos with the flowering trees around my house during periods when the sun peeked out.

Here are Serena, Rin and Mio wearing in beautiful wa-loli dresses! Wa-loli is a genre of lolita fashion that combines traditional Japanese clothing styles with lolita elements.
Wa-Loli Day with PlasticFantastic

Draping sleeves typical to kimono and yukata, an obi and a poofy skirt with a petticoat worn underneath are common in wa-loli style.
Wa-Loli Day with PlasticFantastic

Wa-Loli Day with PlasticFantastic
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Steampunk Maidens

I managed to get my hands on the Volks Lady Wizard outfit (thanks Innocentsake! ♥) and the Lady Thief outfit earlier this summer, and decided to take a few photos using these awesome clothing sets! The overall look isn’t completely steampunk or medieval maidens but something in the middle – I hope you like!

Steampunk Maidens

I’m crazy about Alice’s face! She’s so pretty!
Steampunk Maidens

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“Strawberry Sugar Milk Cookie Lolita” & Desserts Appreciation Day!

Did you like my crazy post title? Last March, Volks released two adorable outfits called the Strawberry Milk Heart set, and the Sugar Milk Cookie set; and earlier this year they re-released them with a colour flip (called the Strawberry Milk Cookie and Sugar Milk Heart set)! Are we all utterly confused with the names yet?! I know I am! A few days ago I rounded up Machiko, PlasticFantastic and Sam on short notice to come to my house and celebrate these adorable outfits!

Lily, Yuki, Mashiro, Serena, Nia, Juliette, Maya and Cirno look so sugary sweet and adorable!

In my title I did mention something about desserts, didn’t I? ^__~”
A magical box arrived from Snowfern Clover a few days ago containing some of her stunning miniature desserts. Sid was captivated by the raspberry-rose and lychee Ispahan.

Here are Juliette and Lily showing off both flavours of the Ladurée Ispahans – the purple one is Cassis-Violet.
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Review: Volks Lace-Up Top Set

Yesterday I shared my thoughts & observations on Volk’s newly released Sailor Tulle Skirt Set (and I just added a couple more pictures of the outfit to that post!), and today I’ll share my observations of the Lace-Up Top Set (DDTK-179). This was a very popular set and sold out very quickly at the Osaka 7 DP after-event online, and for good reason! It’s such a cool outfit – I would wear it myself! ^__^” Here’s Lily modelling it – she’s a DD3 with an L-bust. This outfit will fit M and L bust (although I imagine the black top would be loose) and also the DDdy.

Volks Lace-Up Top set

In my personal option this set was one of the best values of the sets released at the Osaka 7 DP (retail price is 6615 yen) since it came with so many components!

Volks Lace-Up Top set

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Three Auburn-Haired Ladies

I love it when friends come over to my house with their lovely Dollfie Dream girls – it makes for lots of fun photo opportunities! A couple of weeks ago my friends nkei and centurystory stayed late to hang out and take photo’s of nkei’s newest girl – Leone – a Saber Extra.

Here’s Leone with my Sidonie. Even though they are the same sculpt, faceup and eyes they have very different airs about them, don’t they?
Leone and Sidonie

Serena didn’t want to miss out on the fun so she dressed up joined in for a few photos too. I’m not used to seeing her as a red-head but she looks very pretty with this wig. These three look so beautiful together!
Auburn Haired Ladies

Leone and Serena –
Leone and Serena

Sidonie isn’t afriad of heights or taking a few risks.

These girls make for a lovely trio!
Serena, Leone and Sidonie

– ♥ Archangeli

Elle & Odette Come to Visit

It was a lovely day today and I invited PlasticFantastic, Sam, T-Rho and my sister, Machiko, to come over to hang out. PlasticFantastic brought her lovely Elle and Odette with her, and Machiko brought little Delilah. It turned into a fun gathering of dolly girls!

This is just a pre-cursor to a bigger doll meet-up of local DD owners tomorrow!

Here are Elle and Odette chilling out on the couch, with my little Médée hanging out. I’m not feeling these eyes for Médée at all, but hopefully she’ll get some nice new ones tomorrow!

Gabrielle and Aerie join in on the fun on the couch too!

Sam snapped this great profile shot of Gabrielle – I love her little ducky face!

Here are some rather amusing pictures of my cats, Charlie and Bubba, that Sam caught on camera.

We had fun chatting about dolls, work, lolita fashion, kitties, planning our Tokyo adventure and grabbed some sushi takeout for dinner. It was loads of fun – and there will be more DD action tomorrow!

A Year with Saber Lily

It’s hard to believe that a year ago my first Dollfie Dream arrived at my door! In the 365 days since, my doll family has grown exponentially, and it’s been a wonderful journey. Through this hobby I’ve made some wonderful contacts in the community all over the world, and met some amazing new friends on my own home turf and in the UK.

Saber Lily

Lily’s lovely sculpt, gentle expression and very impressive armor and dress were what initially drew me to her, despite the fact that I thought Kevin was bonkers for wanting to spend so much on a doll. At the time, I really knew nothing about DD’s and had to do my homework before relenting.

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Moe finally dances!

Those of you who remember the arrival of my Dollfie Dream Moe may recall that straight out of the box there was a dilemma – she had 2 left feet! This prompted some joking between me and hubby that poor Moe was never intended to be a dancer >__<”

I’ve since remedied the foot issue – Moe has a right and a left foot now, but the mailman’s visit yesterday prompted me to give her an opportunity to shine! A number of weeks ago I ordered the new “Ballet” feet made by Taiwanese company Peapod Doll and they arrived yesterday.

Without further ado, here is Moe as the Swan Queen ~


Saber Lily welcomes home a new, um… pet?

Kev and I have been waiting around today since Canada Post’s website shows that our new DD daughter has gone through customs and is in their hands now – but it’s now past 7pm and she hasn’t shown up so I guess she’ll be arriving tomorrow. Boo.

The mailman did deliver a box today while I was out, but as Saber Lily’s expression shows, it’s certainly not a DD and I didn’t remember what it was that I had ordered.

Saber Lily:  “Maybe it’s clothes?”
Possibly… Let’s look and see.

Upon opening the box, Saber Lily was just as confused since there are some miniature belts, some hairclips and a bunch few packages wrapped in foam. Nothing looks remotely like a doll or new clothes.

After taking everything out and unwrapping things she discovers a vinyl makeup bag with a cushioned pouch inside. And suddenly out pops a little kitty cat!

Saber Lily: “Oooh! Mom, you adopted a pet kitty for us! Can I call him Suki?”
Hmm… Suki sounds too much like “Sookie” from True Blood.
Saber Lily: “That’s true. How about Snuggles then?”
Sure Saber. He looks like a “snuggles” doesn’t he? Hehe.

Snuggles is actually a resin doll from Korean brand Hujoo. He’s fully articulated and strung up inside with elastics like a resin BJD doll. I also ordered a pair of green eyes for him, but I think changing them will be an interesting challenge so these pretty baby blues will be staying for a while! Snuggles is a Hujoo “Dorothy” Siamese cat. I’m actually very impressed with them – I ordered him 15 days ago and was told it’s take 30 days for him to arrive, but he only took half that!

Snuggles and Saber Lily immediately take a liking to one another.

At least waiting around for the mailman today ended up being productive!


And finally, I got a couple of comments on my Flickr yesterday after I posted the photo of the Goody mini spin pins so I made a quick tutorial video showing how I use them. I hope it’s helpful! 😀