Review: Volks Sailor Tulle Skirt Set

A quick post today to review one of the newly released Volks outfits from the Osaka 7 Doll Party (Dolpa)! I managed to secure several of the outfits released at this event, and I’ll try to review them all promptly so that anyone who likes them can try to obtain them from Volks USA’s after-event in a few months time.

This is the Sailor Tulle Skirt set (DDTK-178) (which at the moment is still in stock on the Volks International web store!) and it features a zip-front blazer, a tank top, skirt and thigh-high socks.

This outfit is designed to fit Dollfie Dreams with either small or medium bust, and here is Sakura modelling it.
Volks Sailor Tulle Skirt Set

Here’s what the inside of the outfit components look like: (oops I left the stockings out! >__<“)

Volks Sailor Tulle Skirt Set
The blue blazer is made of a medium-weight sweatshirt kind of fabric and the back of it has a white webbing. The webbing looks almost like iron-on interfacing but the blazer doesn’t feel stiff and the white fibres look like they are woven into the fabric. The inside of the cuffs is lined in white where it would come in contact with a doll’s arms, wrists or hands. It appears that this should not stain, and I will verify in a few days. I had originally thought that this top was a hoodie, but it’s actually a sailor-top neckline. The red bow is a pin and can be re-positioned or removed completely. There are false pockets on the front of the blazer, which are visible in the photo below.

Volks Sailor Tulle Skirt set

The tank-top is a stretchy cotton jersey, with a generous strip if velcro in the back. It’s long enough to layer over the waistband of the skirt, which is nice since it means I could pair this with some jeans or shorts for a different look. If any of you own any of the cute Volks lolita sets from Kyoto 9 (Sugar Milk Cookie, Strawberry Milk Heart), the fabric from this tank top is slightly different from the fabric used in the stockings in those sets. The stripes on this tank top are a little bit darker, and spaced closer together than on the stockings.

Volks Sailor Tulle Skirt set

I checked Sakura after 8 hours and again after 24 hours and there were no stains on the shoulder from the grey straps, and no stains on the arms or back of the neck area from the blazer! ^__^b

The skirt is actually an ivory/ off-white colour featuring a light dotted mesh (similar to what I’ve seen some stockings made of) layered over a layer of stiff broadcloth-like cotton. I know the name of the outfit says “Tulle Skirt” but when I think of tulle I think of soft netting like in the Adagio and Allegro outfit sets from last June. The skirt has an elastic waistband so it should fit on all DD bodies (though you might have to take a DDdy apart at the waist to slip the skirt on). I noticed that the edge of the mesh over-layer has a raw edge so be careful not to snag it on any velcro as this could damage it. Since the skirt is made of a sturdy cotton, it poofs out quite nicely and doesn’t need a petticoat – in fact I might even use this as a petticoat if I’m ever in a pinch!

Volks Sailor Tulle Skirt set

The stockings have the same jersey as the tank top trimming the top, with cute little black bows sewn onto the top. I inspected the inside of the stockings and the bows are sewn on with white thread, so these stockings should not cause any staining.

This is a really cute casual set, and all of the individual components are versatile and can be mixed and matched with other items to create different outfits. The retail price of this set was ¥7140, and if you like it I suggest grabbing it from Volks quickly before it sells out completely because aftermarket prices are never kind >__<”

Stay tuned for more outfit reviews in the next couple of days!

– ♥ Archangeli

P.S. –
What to expect 😛
Volks haul

[Disclaimer: I bought this set with my own money. I don’t work for Volks, am not affiliated with them in any way, nor do I get any form of compensation from them. I’m writing these reviews just to share my observations.]

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