Happy Easter! Dollfie Dream Meetup in Hong Kong – March 29, 2013

Last Friday afternoon I met up with Hong Kong-based Dollfie Dream owners SenorQuentinos, Stepswalker, TonyBSD and XOHimitsuOX for a small meetup at a maid café in Mong Kok area. We went to the Café Maid Dreamin’ Akiba to hang out, have dinner and chat – and of course a few very pretty Dollfie’s came along too!

HK Doll meetup group photo
XOHimitsuOX brought his sassy Alna out, I brought my most-travelled little DD – Gabrielle, TonyBSD brought adorable Mashiro, Stepswalker brought beautiful Tamaki and Q brought his awesome Black Rock Shooter custom DD. Since it was also Easter weekend, I brought little chocolate bunnies for everyone as gifts, but they ended up as photo props instead! ^__~”

Here’s Gabi with Mashiro in their cute meido outfits! TonyBSD admitted that she’s his favourite girl, and it was a good thing none of his other girls were around to hear him say that! @__@”

This is the prettiest Tamaki I’ve seen – with her alluring long eyelashes and cute twin-tailed wig. So cute! She took a liking to Gabi’s arpakasso and held onto him most of the evening. ^__^”
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

I previously met Q’s Black Rock Shooter DD back in November, but I’m still awestruck by how stunning she is every time I see her. This time Q brought her cool flaming eye accessory too!

I’ve been a fan of XOHimitsuOX’s photostories for a long time, so it was great to finally meet his lovely Alna. (And brush her hair ^__~” hehe)

Tamaki and Gabi sharing a little Easter spirit!
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

Tony’s little suitcase full of hands is both epic and creepy! 0__0″
TonyBSD's suitcase of hands!

But I took the chance to play with a pair of the newly sculpted, larger hands for DD. Side by side with the older hands, these do seem a bit big, since the DDS arm is so slim but they photograph almost the same size!
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

And without the smaller hand, the large hand actually looks alright proportionally! I was quite surprised.
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

One of my favourite aspects of meeting up with DD owners is chatting in person, since things come up in conversation that often don’t arise on forums or twitter. My mind was blown away to learn that the DD wrist joint comes apart like this!! And that there’s a special custom-made modification joint made by Wersaze that allows 360 mobility (more like how a human wrist moves)!
DD wrist joint comes apart!

This was my first time going to maid café in Hong Kong and I was curious to see how different it would be from a Japanese one. Every maid café has it’s own kind of “vibe” and the overall atmosphere at Maid Dreamin’ was very casual – kind of like a place where you would come after school to relax and hang out.
Doll meet in HK

Half of the cafe is set up around the dance stage, and the other half is set up like a classroom for guests to sit and read manga – or take a nap? LOL
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

For groups of guests they have cards and board games that customers can use, every 2 hours or so a couple of the maids perform a little dance but there’s a super package that includes dinner, a photo and the chance to get up on stage and dance with a maid in front of everyone! We were in for a rare treat, since someone bought this package while we were there!

It seemed that many of the guests were regulars, and familiar with the maids, so it there was a chatty, casual feeling the whole evening. The space is not too big, so it feels very intimate and friendly. (And in case anyone is wondering, while most of the guests were male, I certainly wasn’t the only female guest!)

Here’s the Head Maid sending her love to the special drink that the guys next to us ordered. She was quite spunky and a bit sarcastic, which was her moe-characteristic.
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

We ordered omurice (omlette-rice) and curry-fried udon, and all of the drinks were so pretty, although XOHimitsuOX’s was an amusing radioactive green! ^__~”

Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

I had a lovely evening out with you guys! I learned a lot of cool little things that I didn’t know before and had a great time! We remembered to take a quick group photo before we parted in the “classroom” in the cafe! Too bad we’re blocking out the big “BAkA!” that was written on the chalkboard! Haha!
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker
Stepswalker, Q, Archangeli, XOHimitsuOX and TonyBSD

Gabi was very happy to be able to exchange name cards with some new friends too! Here she is showing off cards featuring 2 of the girls that she met – TonyBSD’s Mashiro and stepswalker’s Tamaki.
Gabi with name cards

Happy Easter everyone! ^__^”
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Tamaki with the ugly bunny she found at the cafe!
Dollfie Meet in Hong Kong
Photo by: Stepswalker

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Dollfie Dream Meetup in Hong Kong – March 29, 2013

  1. Wow, great meet up (o_O) I want to go too (>_<);;; must be so much fun to meet everyone. The Suit case is such a great idea for storing parts. Can be both usable storage and prop. ^^b

  2. That suitcase kind of gives me the creeps @__@;;

    Hehe the cafe looks really cute actually! I like the school/classroom set up idea…it’s quite appropriate..oddly. Keke!
    I like that twin-tail hairstyle. . . . I wonder how I can get extensions like that LOL Although I don’t think it would look good on me. >x<;

    That bunny & Alpaca pic is super cute!!

  3. Great to see you again! Really gotta thank Tony for helping to organise this meetup, and we sure had a good time chatting and letting the girls posing together~

    (God I look awful; still recovering from a medication disaster at the moment orz).

  4. Oh gosh! Did not know that there were maid cafes in Hong Kong, though I suppose I’m not surprised.
    Would love to meet the doll owners in HK next time I go! Whenever that may be that is… XD

    Lovely pics and sounds like you had a grand time, Patty! :3

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