Mini Dollfie Meetup in Hong Kong

Earlier this week I was in Hong Kong for work, and through the magic of Twitter, I managed to meet up up with a couple of Dollfie Dream owners: @quentinlau and @Maqywhaq. In my jet-lagged state I forgot my camera in my hotel, so iPhone photos will have to suffice! >;_<;" Sorry!

I brought Hinata with me because she was the only DD dressed in "casual" clothes (you'll see why in a few days) and Quentin brought his awesome Black Rock Shooter custom made by SQ-Labs!
@senorquentinos super cool #BlackRockShooter custom #DollfieDream !!! (And Hinata lurking behind)

It was so cool to get to see her in person, and study how she was put together. So many subtle details that went into her and it was really interesting to study them, from a technical point of view after encountering some interesting obstacles in making my KOS-MOS custom DD.

Since most of the doll-related shops in Mong Kok only open in the late afternoon, I went on a few errands. I stopped in at DollHeart, Dollfie World and JR Toys (just FYI, my directions are still accurate!) and Denny came and found me at Dollfie World. We did a bit of shopping and then met up with Quentin and went for dinner. I forget the name of the restaurant we went to, but it was a Japanese fusion cuisine place that was located in the Ladies Market.
Obligatory food photos:

Quentin’s white curry in a stone bowl:

Denny’s fried chicken on rice in a stone bowl:

My tonkatsu-don in a stone bowl, that arrived 20 minutes after the other 2 dishes T__T” I was so hungry!

Hinata and Black Rock Shooter were just hanging out while we had dinner ^__~” Hinata on the DDdy3 body and heels looks like a giant >;__<;"

But the eyes, the face, the outfit! I’m not a BRS fan, but this doll is so friggen cool!

I saw lots of custom DD’s in Japan, and while most of them were visually impressive and looked good in photos, when you got up close to them and stared at how their outfits or props were made the illusion of awesome usually faded. This totally wasn’t the case with BRS – from every angle she was really well done.

We were so engrossed in conversation that we didn’t even realize we were the last customers in the restaurant! 0__0″ But Hong Kong is wonderful for being a late-night city so we moved over to a nearby Hui Lau Shan for a bit of dessert. We ordered some delicious drinks and mango mochi (although I think I accidentally ruined Denny’s favourite drink by telling him what Hasmar is -__-” Sorry!)

Mango mochi:

And my strawberry-mango deliciousness with crystal jelly:

I love meeting Dollfie owners everywhere I go, and I had a lovely evening chatting with Quentin and Denny. Thank you both for coming out on a week night (and staying out so late! >;__<;")! I hope to come back to Hong Kong soon and hang out again!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra)
Polar Bear family display in Langham Place Mall

2 thoughts on “Mini Dollfie Meetup in Hong Kong

  1. It’s nice to see you and Hinata that night along with Maqywhaq! I’m glad that you like my Black★Rock Shooter, even though her attire is not exactly “casual” ^^; Hinata does look tall with her heels; I didn’t notice that fully until I saw your pictures!

    Hope to see you again some time again in the future!

    • I’ll definitely let you know the next time I’m in town. This was probably one of the best Hong Kong layovers I’ve had in ages ^^

      Casual or not, BRS still looked awesome! Most of my other girls were in Christmas outfits for my holiday photo shoot! Lol. That’s why Hinata was chosen. She wasn’t decked out! ^__~”

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