Review of Volks Dollfie Dream stand

I recently ordered the new plastic stand that Volks released specifically for Dollfie Dreams. There was an “all-in-one” box, and several optional components that could be ordered seperately (extra rods and gripping pieces, clear base without tripod mount, and the X-base). It looks very attractive because it’s all clear plastic. I bought the complete stand, an extra set of accessories and the X-base.

Volks plastic Dollfie Dream stand

I made a quick video to review it. This stand is designed to work as a saddle-stand, waist-hold type stand, thigh-support stand or arm-supporting stand depending on which plastic rods you interchange and how you pivot the claws. I only show the stand as a arm support and thigh stand.
(And at 5:06, I meant to say “a screw and a washer,” not a wingnut >__<” )

Since Dollfie Dreams are fairly stable and can stand quite well, I think these stands were designed to support them in “action” poses, but overall the plastic is very flimsy and wobbly and I wouldn’t recommend using these stands for displaying your doll day to day. My overall impression is that this is more of a “support” stand for taking photos, especially since the base has 2 extra spots to attach a couple sets of rod to support a sword or other type of weapon.

If you were interested in this stand purely because it has a tripod mount, I don’t recommend it simply because it is quite flimsy and the plastic rods can come apart if not pushed all the way into the joints. This could lead to a disaster during a photo session! >__<"

If you have any comments or questions about this new doll stand, send me a message or leave me a comment!

– ♥ Archangeli

Dolls in this video: Rin Tohsaka, Annalise (Rise Kujikawa on DD2 body), Siobhán (Saber Alter on DD3 body) Gabrielle (Akira on DDS body), and Hinata (DD Shino on DDdy3 body) And if you're curious, Annalise and Akira are both on thigh-support stands made by CoolCat, and Siobhán is on a Volks metal-base saddle stand. The other doll stand that I show in this video is the Dollfie World tripod-mountable doll stand.

4 thoughts on “Review of Volks Dollfie Dream stand

  1. Comparing the Dollfie World stand and the CoolCat doll stand (disregarding the tripod-mountable function) which one do you prefer for just supporting the doll?

    • In this regard, I actually prefer the CoolCat stands over the DollfieWorld stand (the fact that CoolCat offers saddle-type, waist-hold and thigh-hold stands can be disregarded too – let’s just talk saddle stand comparison! The CoolCat stand has only 1 screw to adjust the vertical height of the stand, where the DW has 2. Since we both collect large resin dolls, I think you can appreciate that having to deal with only one piece to adjust the height makes things easier ^__~”

      I also find that my DW stand is a bit wobbly. Not nearly as wobbly as the Volks one I just reviewed, but enough to bother me when I have a doll on it, outside on a windy day for photos. My DW stand also broke on me once! The entire metal stand part came loose in the acrylic base and fell out the hole through the bottom! I had to epoxy it back in, and now it’s solid as a rock, but the metal rods still wobble.

      Another thing I like about CoolCat is that they offer 12 and 15cm bases. I have a bunch of the 12cm ones so that I can nest my dolls together on my desk. The DW base is HUGE! It’s 9″ (22.5cm) across the bottom. They are also less expensive than the DW one ^__~”

      Since we’re talking stands, my absolute favourite doll stand is still the Volks saddle stand (the ones that come with either wood or metal base). Maybe I should make another video later 😀

  2. Thanks for the info XD I need a sturdy stand to hold my large boys so I guess the CoolCat stand sounds good. If you make another video, can you do a quick comparison between the CoolCat one and the Volks metal one? I love the metal reflecting part of the Volks stand but shipping from the Volks USA is so expensive that I’m looking for possible cheaper alternates (plus I also like how the CoolCat ones are clear) =D

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