Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – November 17, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, several Dollfie Dream owners in Toronto got together for our last big meetup of the year! The theme was “Fancy Holiday” dress so everyone came dressed to the nines!

The weather has gotten colder so it wasn’t practical to have an outdoors meetup, so our group went back to Café Princess to enjoy cakes, desserts and hang out!

Let’s start with a few obligatory food photos! Omnomnom! Here’s the amazing Red Velvet cake –
red velvet cake

I believe this was the Princess Waffle with ice cream and banana slices –

Space is always a bit tight here, so we started arranging the dolls nice and tightly early on.

Since this is our last big meetup before the holiday season, dressed up a couple of my girls in festive attire! Gabrielle looks absolutely adorable in this little reindeer outfit!

Sidonie is wearing her “Santa’s Helper” outfit!

Médée brought her new friend Komame with her too the meet! Komame is a mascot character from Volks, and this plushie is quite rare since it usually only accompanies yo-SD dolls or is won at lottery events in Japan. He was an early birthday gift to me from Kevin! ♥
Médée with Komame

This is one of Meo’s Obitsu 50 girls – Mikaduki. I love her red hair!
Kit's girl

Meo’s Black Raven Lilia is looking very festive! And look at that hair – not strand out of place!

He also brought this pretty lady – Misuzu. She’s so dainty and lovely and is also and Obitsu 50.

Tanu-chan was able to join us again at this meet. I haven’t seen her in a little while – and she brought her hybrid MDD-resin girl Kairi with her.

PlasticFantastic brought her MDD Cirno with her, all dressed up in her shiny blue dress! She’s hanging on to Meo’s Mamachapp Panda ^__^” So much cuteness!

PF also brought her pretty Aoi v.2 (who we started calling ‘Holly’ at the meet).

AgentPanda brought her MDD custom HDD-06 Penny, and if Penny looks a bit different it’s because she just got a new pair of eyes! They are so fetching on her!
Penny with new eyes

A while back I had also pestered AgentPanda about the adorable Flying Squirrel outfits that Volks had released, and she brought her little Hunter dressed up so that we could all revel in his cuteness! This outfit is so soft and adorable – I think everyone at the meet wants one now!

Di-chan123 brought her custom Haruhi wearing a pretty new black dress.

Aya’s Toy Box brought his pretty Saber Alter, but with a pretty new Volks twintails wig! This is the ‘Magical Tail’ wig that was a lottery entry a while back.

MrCool brought his silicone LovelyDoll – Harumi- and she’s being a bit of a shy wallflower hiding behind the other girls.

Nkei’s beautiful Winter and Setsuko were dressed in contrasting black and white gowns but looked absolutely stunning!

CenturyStory brought her beautiful Primula, who went on an adventure and found a couple of fuzzy friends!

Juu-Yuki was able to stop in too, and she brought her beautiful Lily and Sakura with her. Lily is channeling the Fate/Zero Saber style with her stylish suit.

Sakura looks like a beautiful princess!

Setsuko and Primula were adventurous and started hanging around –

It was a lot of fun spending time with everyone again! I’m going to miss not seeing you all in December! >__<"

– ♥ Archangeli

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