Hinata and Aki’s Day out in Vancouver

Earlier this week I brought Hinata with me to Vancouver and was whisked away by Puppy52 and Aki for the day! We had lunch at Aberdeen Center and then drove into Steveston Village to take some pictures of the girls.


I only took a few photos with my iPhone since I forgot my camera, but Puppy52 posted some beautiful photos that she took on her blog

Some of the plum blosssoms are already starting to bloom, but it was still too early for the sakura trees.

I didn’t know that “Once Upong a Time” was filmed in Steveston, so I was really excited to see some of the “main street Storybrooke” set was up! Dr. Archie Hopper’s office and Mr. Gold’s pawn shop were set up, and a few other businesses.
Spent the day in #Storybrooke! Dr. Hopper's office, Granny's, Mr. Gold's pawnshop, the library & the bakery!

The girls were very amused too!

Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist! Hehehe.

Puppy52 caught some beautiful photos of Hinata – thank you! ^__^”

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, Hinata showed a little bit of Irish spirit

I had a lot of fun checking out Steveston Village and playing with Puppy52’s kitties!!

The next morning I went out for lunch with Katoukei and LightningSabre at Guu Garden. LightningSabre brought his swarm of MISAKA’s with him!

Lunch was absolutely delicious and everything was beautifully presented. Yummy! The tuna tataki at Guu is one of my favourite things ever!

After lunch, we popped into Soirette for a spot of tea and some macarons.

I had a very delicious and fun-filled visit to Vancouver; made all the better for being able to hang out with friends!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

I caught myself a Yoshi cat! =^__^=

Ginko spotted!

Hehehe, Puppy52’s cats are so adorable! ♥

3 thoughts on “Hinata and Aki’s Day out in Vancouver

    • I have a skill for annoying Ginko. She was hiding in her tube for most of the time I was over visiting after I tried (unsuccessfully) to pet her.

      Yoshi tolerates my fussing over him more! Hehe!

      It was a nice relaxing, fun day ^_^”

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