Steampunk Maidens

I managed to get my hands on the Volks Lady Wizard outfit (thanks Innocentsake! ♥) and the Lady Thief outfit earlier this summer, and decided to take a few photos using these awesome clothing sets! The overall look isn’t completely steampunk or medieval maidens but something in the middle – I hope you like!

Steampunk Maidens

I’m crazy about Alice’s face! She’s so pretty!
Steampunk Maidens

Steampunk Maidens

Steampunk Maidens

I’m liking Lily as a ginger, the colour is very striking on her.

Steampunk Maidens

Steampunk Maidens

The outfits and boots are from various Volks sets. Dolls featured are  Lily, Alice, Micaela (Aoko) and Rin.

Thanks for popping by!

– ♥ Archangeli

2 thoughts on “Steampunk Maidens

    • Thanks! ^__^”
      Basic black looked to boring so I draped one of my scarves on to add a dash of colour.

      I think Lily’s wig is from Leeke? It was a weird curly mess when I got it so I straightened it out and it looks much better now! -__-”

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